Another dessert that is off their latest collection that is inspired by their memories of summer in the year 1982. The E.Ti serves as a dessert that pays tribute to the blockbuster movie E.T. which was released in the year 1982, with the item shaped to be of the UFO in which E.T. travelled in.

Being a dessert that carries elements such as Cold-Dripped Espresso Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Chopped Organic Almonds, Spanish Mandarin Orange, Nut Sponge Chantilly Cream, this is an item I found rather pleasing for folks who love chocolate-orange combinations. The Spanish Mandarin Orange cream and mousse comes covered in the cold-dripped espresso coffee mousse; it comes pretty tangy but not overly sour here, while the chocolate elements strike a balance with its soothing and adequate level of sweetness with elements such as the chocolate disc and almonds that help to add a crunch to the various smooth mousse within the cake. As usual, a good play of classic flavour combinations with a twist whilst taking into consideration the overall texture of the dessert at the same time.