While everyone and their dog’s heard of Bismillah Briyani on Dunlop Street, Tip Top Bryani is a much more humble briyani dealership just two doors down (not three) from it’s more famous enemy. However, it might just best Bismillah in the briyani brawl.

At just $7, I got a reasonably large plate of mutton briyani, complete with a side of raita, a side of curry & dessert, which is gajar halwa (I think, I’m probably wrong). The rice was astonishingly aromatic thanks to all the scintillating spices cooked into the basmati rice, and each and every light, fluffy & well cooked grain of rice was satisfyingly savoury.

The massive slab of mutton was very subtly gamey, which shouldn’t offend anyone other than the most picky of people, and like the rice, it was ravishingly redolent. Better yet, the meat was acceptably moist & tender, with all the fat (usually where most of the gamey odour comes from) being thoroughly cooked & rendered down.

I get annoyed everytime a hard boiled egg is served as an accompaniment to rice, and this time was no exception. Cmon guys, lubrication is key. Use a half boiled egg instead, thank me later. The raita on the side really helped to keep the mutton briyani from being overwhelming with the sharp pickled cucumbers & onions serving as a piquant palate cleanser. And of course, the sweet orange (might be young too, idk fam) thing was a sweet ending to a stellar dish.