Khao Hom by Rung Mama (@khaohomsg) has recently set up shop in Djitsun Mall, a short stroll away from AMK Hub. I’ve been hearing lots of my fellow Burpplers screaming “whoa mama” over the first concept, Dee Tongue Thai by the same mama, so I was moderately hyped to try some Thai.⠀

Their Tom Yum Talay ($12++) was terrifically titillating and I finally began to grasp the endless extolments of Rung Mama and her delectable goodies. It’s unflinchingly, authentically Thai with its feisty fieriness & sharp sourness, and it will take some getting used to unless you’re an unrepentant Siam-o-phile.⠀

Within the bowl of splendidly spicy, sour & salty soup resides a mushroom medley alongside a seafood salmagundi. Portly prawns (that are fortunately mostly deshelled), springy squid and some sliced fish are the denizens of this tantalising tom yum soup. They are amply numerous to the point where you could just get a bowl of rice with a bowl of this tom yum soup, and you’d be golden.⠀

Rung Mama? More like Whoa Mama. Thanks for hosting us, @burpple& @khaohomsg!