This was a lucky find this evening at the 7 Eleven nearest to my office (which is also very well stocked with many snacks, ice cream and different brands of bottled bubble teas)! 😊
This 200ml packet of White Rabbit Candy Milk is advertised as being equivalent to... 7 White Rabbit candies 😱

I haven’t had the candy in many years so I can’t remember the exact flavour, other than remembering it to be sweet, milky, sticky, concentrated and papery 🐇
Verdict: This drink, imported from China, is not really sweet. The first sip is very rich and creamy. It just tastes like concentrated, very lightly flavoured milk to me (it has this slightly sweet Chinese flavour to it, I’m not sure what it is exactly, but the very mild flavouring tastes distinctively Chinese - based on my experience living there long ago) and after a while, it gets a bit bland and each sip tastes the same (like drinking a cup of full cream milk basically) and you start craving water. I don’t think there is that much of the White Rabbit candy’s concentrated, sticky sweetness in the drink itself.

I guess it leaves you feeling thirsty like you just ate a ton of ice cream (PS. I bought this for myself and a colleague out of #FOMO and curiosity not because I love White Rabbit candy 😂)

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