Listed as the special of the day; explained to us as a dessert with elements of hazelnut and squash so we decided to go for it after the staff's recommendation — little did we expect it to be a mousse-based dessert that was a party in the mouth. The top layer was a very indulging and aptly rich hazelnut gelato; smooth and delightful while the bottom lies a squash mousse that's mixed with white chocolate —comes in as smooth as the gelato, but slightly denser and kicks in with a light hint of sweetness. The meringue works great as a neutral flavour to dig into in between spoonfuls of the squash mousse and hazelnut gelato — a mellow and light sweetness that carries a little crispness. A pretty unique and creative dessert especially for the use of squash, and probably one of the most memorable desserts I have had for a while.