This is the most basic option comprising hanger, ribeye from aus, and dry aged steak. They said it's dry aged ribeye but the staff is terribly mistaken, this is a super lean cut. I'm guessing it's tenderloin

Hanger is medium rare and tender, but way, way, way too chewy

Ribeye was delicious actually. Everything is torched so there's a nice smokiness, and the ribeye was juicy and tender, with just a mild chew. Flavour was on point too, it's very intense. I would recommend this cut for sure

Dry aged tenderloin?? Was overcooked. We requested for medium rare as they recommended but this was medium to medium well almost. Tender but very chewy. I have to admit the dry aging was done extremely well here though, there's a strong clean beefyness in the aftertaste. Too bad it's a lean cut that's overcooked

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