Guess what, everything looked amazing!! Especially their array of bombolini 😍 I had the urge to order everything but for $2.50 a pop, I had to control myself.

For a box of 6 ($14), we ordered an array of flavours such as Nutella, PBJ, Pistachio Ganache, Lemon Cream Cheese & the classic Cinnamon Sugar doughnut.

The pieces I tried were the Nutella & PBJ & both we’re equally good!! The bombolini were filled with the sauces right to the middle, giving you explosions of filling with every bite!

The creamy & nutty Nutella was rich & generous, while the combination of nutty & sweet sour jam of the PBJ made you want to dive in for another bite!

Definitely a place to check out while you’re in the area having a meal, or two at the Whampoa Market!
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