Westway seems to have been going through some sort of revamp of sorts recently — the commercial development which is situated across West Coast Highway near Haw Par Villa MRT Station has seen new tenants such as that of Thai establishment Kinn Der M and AFTER HOURS replacing the older ones such as that of Ju Shin Jung Korean Restaurant and Lemuel Chocolate; both having closed down their outlets at Westway some time back. Occupying a unit with the entrance right at the car park, AFTER HOURS is one F&B establishment that is hard to miss when one passes by Westway. A recent addition to the building, AFTER HOURS is an ice-cream parlour — taking up one of the smaller shop units within the building, the seating area of AFTER HOURS mainly comprises of four-seaters, making the cafe pretty conducive for small group of friends to gather for dessert. The interior decor theme is pretty much in-line with what other cafes are like of the late — the look can be said as simply and minimalistic with the use of metallic tables and transparent foldable plastic chairs that provides a really clean look; the centre-piece here would be the accordion-style seating that wraps around a plant that gives it a close-to-nature vibe. AFTER HOURS serves up quite a good variety of ice-cream flavours where one can view through their display fridge — patrons are able to opt for their scoops of ice-cream to come with either in a cup or with a cone; they also do allow patrons to also enjoy their ice-creams with the Signature Golden Butter Toast or with the Classic Waffle. Beverages available at AFTER HOURS include Iced Shaken Tea, Tea by the Pot, Specialty Soda and Cold Brew — just to name a few.

Photos of their Signature Golden Butter Toast have been going around social media ever since their opening — given how it has been long since our last time having such an item, we went straight for the Signature Golden Butter Toast and went with the option of adding two scoops of ice-cream to the Signature Golden Butter Toast. Between the various scoops of ice-cream which they have to offer, we found ourselves gravitating towards the Chinese Snow Pear ice-cream and the Soya Bean Milk w/ Dough Fritters ice-cream. Given how the Signature Golden Butter Toast is prepared only upon order, some waiting time would be involved if one were to order the item. Upon collecting our order after our buzzer had rang, it is noted that the Signature Golden Butter Toast also comes with a dollop of whipped cream and a small jug of maple syrup on the side, whilst also coming with Speculoos crumbles that seems to be added more for the aesthetic appeal. Pouring the maple syrup on to the Signature Golden Butter Toast, the toast has been sliced midway and sectioned into nine cubes so as to allow maple syrup to flow down into the middle of the toast for it to soak up all that sweet and floral goodness. The toast itself was well-executed here; it’s crisp and light with a somewhat fluffy interior — came with a hint of buttery fragrance that made it an especially great match with the whipped cream and maple syrup. The Soya Bean Milk w/ Dough Fritters ice-cream would probably be the more interesting ice-cream between the two that we had opted for — this carried a hint of bean-y notes of soy milk just like what one would expect, though the addition of the dough fritters provided a good crunch for a textural contrast as well. The Soya Bean Milk w/ Dough Fritters ice-cream was also stored in an appropriate temperature; the ice-cream being smooth and creamy without the dough fritters being frozen or iced-up. The Chinese Snow Pear ice-cream on the other hand was lightly sweet from the fruit and refreshing — an easy eat and one that we found to be especially comforting to have after a meal.

Having tried two scoops of ice-cream as well as the Signature Golden Butter Toast at AFTER HOURS, we do think that AFTER HOURS is a spot that would work well with dessert-goers. Whilst the location of AFTER HOURS can be described as far flung for most especially considering the limited amenities and F&B options nearby, AFTER HOURS does seem like a spot that exude a certain personality of its own. The Signature Golden Butter Toast was an item that we really enjoyed during our visit; there was time where Shibuya Toasts were a trend but this seemed to have passed for a while now — pretty glad that AFTER HOURS had brought it back with their Signature Golden Butter Toast that would work well as a late night dessert treat to share with a couple of friends. The two scoops of ice-cream that we have had were also enjoyable — carried the flavours of what they had intended it to be really well. Prices of the scoops of ice-cream at AFTER HOURS are rather reasonable — a single scoop of ice-cream for a standard flavour would cost $5, while the premium range is priced at a $0.50 mark-up from a standard flavour; the Classic Waffles as-is is listed at $7, while the Signature Golden Butter Toast on its own comes at a price tag of $9.50. Despite being a little out-of-the-way, AFTER HOURS does feel like a spot with its own flair — one that we would not mind heading down just to give it a try. We do look forward to a return visit some day — the Signature Golden Butter Toast being something we would most likely develop some cravings for, whilst also giving their Specialty Soda items a go at the same time!

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