Trying out these Choux Puffs at Ollela, which houses both The Pourover Bar and Choquette under one roof. Both Choux puffs were simply delightful, with Choux pastry that is of a good moistness without feeling too wet nor dried out. Both were good; the Lemon Meringue is an open Choux with piped Lemon Curd within that is a little tart, but well-balanced with the subtly sweet meringue on top – one bite into the Choux puff and it simply explodes of the lemon curd filled within. Apple Cinnamon would hit apple pie lovers, for the vanilla cream was akin to a vanilla ice-cream with caramalised apples within spiced with cinnamon for that familiar flavour. Even the Choux puff comes with little sugary bits and nuts for a little crunch, to give the dessert a texture similar to a Apple Crumble. They also have a mini Choux tasting platter where you can get all seven types of Choux that they offer at $21 which sounds like a good deal!

Ollela/The Pourover Bar/Choquette is located at 3 Petain Road, [email protected], #01-01, Singapore 208108