Feature :
💕 Stewed Shrimp pomelo peel.
A nostalgic dish, The dish is over 50 years old and uncommon in Singapore.
Part of "Chef Daniel's Signature. The Pomelo peel is dense with fibrous texture, served with flavourful sauce.
💕 Boneless quail filled with bird’s nest in supreme broth.
My fav, super good. Quail is deboned with skin remain attach, and stuffed with bird's nest and shreds of Jinhua ham
The supreme broth flavourful, cooked for 8 hours using chicken, pork, and Jinhua ham.
💕 Steamed spotted garoupa fillet in egg white sauce topped with crispy parma ham.
Steam fresh garoupa fillet served with sauce made from superior broth with egg white, broccoli and carrot and crispy Parma ham

📍Shang Palace.
22 Orange Grove Rd