From the newly-opened 63Paragon from the same people behind 63Espresso and 63Celsius. Currently at soft launch phase, the menu has quite a couple of items available from burgers, pasta, beef, seafood and a couple of desserts (would definitely check out those in another visit). Prices are a little steep, but I guess it's also because it's Paragon.

I have always had this weird obsession of checking out expensive variants of local fare just for the sake of seeing how different an "artisanal" version can be like. The 63 Chicken Rice isn't the most wise decision at $23++ but it does pique my interest that way — coming in a rice bowl form, everything listed such as the shredded chicken breast, julienne cucumber and house-made chili sauce comes in sizes that fits the spoon for easy eating. Some may comment about the inclusion of chili by default, but it seems that the chef intends the diner to just have a scoop of everything in one spoon for one mouthful. The chicken was tender and moist, while the coriander and cucumber was pretty refreshing and replicated the flavours well. Thought the chili could do a little bit more zestier, and it was a tad tame for me though given how it's served together they had to tone it down for those who may have preferred it separate. Rice was delightfully moist, using short grains but it felt lacking of that usual chicken rice flavour overall — something I pretty much would dream about having if I were to be eating chicken rice and made this a little less spectacular than it can be.