Settled here for lunch to see what's around the Selegie area; M Seven Cafe is a new cafe within PoMo that serves up all-day breakfasts, rosti, pasta and even burgers — they have a set lunch deal running where most of the mains available come with a complimentary drink alongside (yes, you can even order a Flat White at no additional charge).

Going for the Tom Yum Seafood Pasta, the food is pretty serviceable here — probably around to offer yet another option to the office folks and students in the area. Because there isn't any cream involved, the Tom Yum Seafood Pasta is pretty bright and tangy without being overwhelming due to the lack of cream to thicken the entire sauce — the level of spiciness was pretty manageable for those who can take moderate spiciness. The seafood is largely decent, though nothing much to shout about while the pasta was a little softer than al-dente but still relatively decent. A place that suits its targeted market actually.

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