Most people know #burpplebeyond for having incredible one-for-one deals, but it hosts a variety of sumptuous set meals. Just like this fabulous five course set menu from @tonito.singapore, priced very affordably at $58++. Yep, it’s great for two, which works out to slightly over thirty bucks per person. I find it a little weird that the set menu has two starters as opposed to a starter and a soup, but Tonito do both appetisers well enough to earn a pass. ⠀

We’re off to a good start with elotes, the famous Mexican street food of grilled corn. Grilled corn is usually about as exciting as watching paint dry, but Tonito’s elotes are a cut above the rest. All it took was the addition of two extra elements: Mexican cotija cheese and smoked chili mayonnaise. The cheese adds a creamy & mildly salty cheesiness to the corn, but the real game changer is that magnificent mayo. Ravishingly rich, seductively spicy, sublimely savoury and splendidly smoky, the smoked chili mayo singlehandedly transformed the elote into something divine. There is one problem though. I desperately require MORE of that majestic mayo. I could happily eat spoonfuls of that if nobody restrained me, not gonna lie.

Mucho gracias for the hospitality, @tonito.singapore & @burpple!