Overscoop probably doesn’t need much of an introduction these days — the ice-cream parlour had started its operations in a standalone shop space at Junction Nine; they had since expanded their operations with the recent opening of an outlet at Orchard Central, whilst also opening yet another new outlet at Hougang Rivercourt. Being one of the first few tenants which had opened their doors in the new neighbourhood mall within the cluster of new Built-To-Order flats situated just a few bus stops away from Hougang MRT Station and Kovan MRT Station, Overscoop joins the likes of Burger King, R&B Tea, The Fed Giraffe (a florist-cum-cafe concept) and Guan 7 Stars (a local eatery serving up dim sum and traditional chicken rice using a 20 year old recipe from Leong Hainanese Chicken Rice at Shunfu Mart and Guan Traditional Chicken Rice from Empress Food Centre) — the outlet at Hougang Rivercourt being the smallest of the three that they operate at the time of writing. Being a hole-in-the-wall cafe that seats two tables of four pax each, the cafe features splashes of yellow amidst concrete walls and floors alongside wooden furnishing and fittings — a rather industrial yet playful look that fits well to ice-cream. Offering a variety of ice-cream that is pretty similar to what is served at Junction Nine (we hadn’t been to their outlet at Orchard Central), patrons can opt for their ice-cream to come in either cups or cones, as well as with the various cakes and bakes that they have to offer. There are also a few savoury bakes available as well, while some beverages are also served at this outlet as well.

One of the highlights at Overscoop is how there is a choice for patrons to opt for an “overscoop” of another flavour apart from what they have ordered at no extra cost — this is to allow patrons to try the other flavour and to hopefully encourage patrons to go for the full portion of the other flavour in their next visit; something which we silly-ly rejected during our first visit to their Junction Nine outlet when they had just opened since we felt we did not need “a free second scoop”. Since then, we had always opted for the Moutai Liquor as the flavour for the “overscoop”; this unique flavour that we never came across at other ice-cream parlours had improved over time considering how it now has a pretty good consistency where it doesn’t melt away too quickly, yet still boozy as ever — something that would really appease those who love their alcoholic desserts considering the strong undertones of Moutai Liquor in this one. We had also tried the Chrysanthemum Wolfberries for the first time during this visit — the Chrysanthemum Wolfberries here comes in a shade of pale yellow and the flavours of chrysanthemum here vaguely reminds us of the packaged drink from Yeo’s; a similar level of sweetness even (reduced sugar, as Yeo’s would call it) whilst speckled with wolfberries that carried a good bite. Really appreciate how they had stored the ice-cream at an appropriate temperature here — didn’t find the wolfberries anywhere near icy or frozen here; a thing that some ice-cream parlours just don’t pay too much attention to. The waffle cone is also pretty satisfying; crisp, yet carrying an alluring whiff of buttermilk fragrance with every bite.

Some may have their own differing opinions about Overscoop but I do feel that this spot isn’t only all around the hype — sure, the ice-creams are not anyway near cheap considering how the scoop of Chrysanthemum Wolfberries does cost a whopping $6.20 on its own. That being said, it could be how they seemed to have priced their ice-creams in consideration of the “overscoop” that they are including with every scoop of ice-cream; not to mention we do find their ice-cream flavours being pretty different from what most other players have to offer — the Moutai Liquor being an example of how bold they can be with their ice-cream. Whilst Overscoop does seem to be on an expanding spree of the late, they are a pretty great addition to both Orchard and Hougang; the Hougang outlet providing residents of the North-East yet another interesting option for dessert within their neighbourhood even as a quick grab-and-go.

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