While this may look like an ordinary albeit extra chunky s’more cookie, it is anything but. This is @discoverthedark 64% Madagascan Chocolate S’mores Chunky Cookie, and it proves that you should never judge a cookie by its cover.⠀

The Dark Gallery’s supremely satisfying cookie dough is augmented with a couple of Madagascan dark chocolate chunks, which provide the strong, tastefully bittersweet creamy chocolatey-ness that makes this cookie such a winner. The marshmallow is embedded in the middle and requires a stint in a conventional oven to reach its full fluff & sticky sweet potential, but it is addictive indeed.⠀

The cookie dough itself is fortified with speculoos, which supplies the cookie with the irresistible aromas & flavours of cinnamon, cardamom & ginger. It pairs perfectly with the chocolate, and the charmingly chewy cookie is the perfect platform for the marshmallow fluff.⠀

When it comes to this captivating cookie from Madagascar, I like to move it move it, straight onto my tastebuds. And yes, you WILL want s’more.