Spring court is one of the oldest restaurant in Singapore. It first opened in 1929 at great world amusement Park, back then, it was called "Wing Chun Yuen". A nostalgic place to bring the parents.

* Please remember to make a reservation, I came here the Sunday before and it was full house.

Burrple 1for1: take note 1for1 is only for meat/poultry, soup, vegetables

After the de-skinning of the peking duck skin, comes the decision of how to use the leftover meat.

Frying it with spicy salt was recommended to us by the friendly waitress. (Additional charge of $12)

The duck was nicely fried and the crispy batter made it feel like I was eating another layer of skin.

I will recommend cooking your leftover peking duck this way, then to cook it into fried rice.