Back to The Masses to check out their menu revamp which sees a few new items replacing the old ones.

This particular item is rather reminiscent to the 美人面 (Beauty Noodles) served at Timbre+ during the Open Stove 2017 event — comes with familiar elements Chicken Collagen Soup and even the same slurpy noodles. Really enjoyed the entire composition here, for every single element carried their own surprises; the smooth and creamy, yet mellow-tasting Chicken Collagen Soup (yes, I finished the soup again this time too!), the slurpy and soft-to-the-bite noodles, the marinated Ajitsuke Tamago with a hint of sweetness in the yolk and the smoky and tender slab of charred pork belly which tastes just like a more refined version of roast pork sans the skin. It may not be a particularly Japanese bowl of ramen, but that's the catch — it's called The Masses Ramen; a bold and refreshing take that belongs to them which I just can't get enough of.

PS: Only a limited bowls of The Masses Ramen are available daily; now you know!