Travel half of Singapore just for Lobster and Crab roll from @hubandspokecafe 🤣🤣🤣
For us who wants to try everything.😍
Sweet succulent creamy mayo Lobster, refreshing crab meat mixed with homemade truffle mixture, sandwiched on buttery toasted Brioche roll, topped with various garnish.😋
Lobster was juicy with a tang. For crab, truffle taste came first before the crab itself. For bread, fragrance buttery, light and puffy.🤗
Served with a bowl of soup for the day. Broccoli Soup was served on that day. It was hot, comforting, creamy and rich. Comes with croutons added to it.
Definitely value for the money if wanna compare. Just saying.🤫
🚩Hub & Spoke Cafe, 3 60 Airport Boulevard, 01-T2S-02, Singapore Changi Airport, 819643