[Brighton] The Haddock Fish N Chips from Wolfies of Hove was absolutely divine, for a lack of better description. I wanted to have it in the place itself, but I thought I’d give my English Fish N Chips experience a boost by having it by the beach - and boy was it both the best and the worst decision. 😧

BEST – It was the ideal food for the ideal location. You have this majestic view of the ocean, you’re soaking in the ambient sounds and basking in the sea breeze that liberally sweeps the shore — all while you’re having one of the highlights of English cuisine, and fresh as you can get them.

WORST – The……seagulls……which I only happened to remember about when I started sitting down at one of the benches by the beach. 💀 They’re vicious and are constantly scoping for food for a lock-on! Yikes. 🤧 I could sense the imminent danger and I just KNOW they could feel the tension in me. I had to walk along the beach for another 20 minutes before I found a shaded area to have my meal in.

I don’t know how many feel that tartar sauce suffices as a condiment when curry sauce literally exists. Not like the ones served up in fast food joints here of course - those are way too sweet to pair nicely with this. This is that final boss that the game has deliberately designed for you to not defeat. Whew! 🤪

If there’s one food item that I’ve always stayed away from, it’s fish n chips. I could never find a way to appreciate it, given its uncomfortably soft, almost-gelatinous texture. But the Haddock fish is firmer to the bite, which feels a lot less off-putting and certainly a lot more natural to my palate. And the curry sauce? It amplified it to a level that goes beyond the thermosphere. How can any other Fish N Chips ever top this one? 🐟🍟💥 (9/10)