@buttrmilksg is a halal certified Southern style fried chicken joint in Kinex. Yes, there are four malls in Paya Lebar, but Kinex is the awkward one that always gets left out of everything. Still, it’s where Buttrmilk have decided to set up shop, so that’s where I was.⠀

When I hear Southern style fried chicken, I think of chicken & waffles, therefore making Buttrmilk’s Hot Clucker combo ($14 nett) the glaringly obvious choice for me. A buxom, plumptious breast is pushed up by the jalapeño & cheddar waffle, and the lubricant is served on the side. As it’s a hot & spicy affair, the Buffalo Hot Sauce is the lube of choice, and it’s perfect.⠀

For what it is, these voluptuous chicken titt-um, I meant chicken breasts, are exceptionally moist. That could be attributed to the buttermilk brine that they marinate in overnight, as well as the brilliant batter. The breast is a real handful & mouthful, and you’ll have to stretch your jaw a bit to get a full gobble. It’s deep fried flawlessly, managing to lock in the precious little moisture of the chicken breast while cooking it just right.⠀

The chicken is a tad tasteless on its own, but the Buffalo Hot Sauce is the ideal lube for it. Spicy, smoky, sweet, salty and sticky, this flavourful sauce compensated for the shortcomings of the chicken. The jalapeño & cheddar waffles were fantastically fluffy, but I do feel like they could’ve been crispier on the outside. While the jalapeño slices within exploded with sour spice every time I bit into one of them embedded in the waffle, the cheddar cheese was conspicuously absent.⠀

For fourteen bucks, its a sufficiently satisfying boob job. Sure, there could be more buffalo sauce served, and the waffles could be just a little crispier, but it’s a decent deal all around.

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