From Chikuwatei Nishi, a new concept by the Yoi Group which brought us brands such as Chikuwatei and Manzoku. Chikuwatei Nishi consists of two levels; the first floor carries a dine-in and takeaway items such as salads and simple Donburi in fast food style, while the second level is where the restaurant-style concept is located, serving up Hot and Cold menus consisting of small plates and small bites as well as sushi, sashimi and Donburi.

Crispy Yuzu Ebi is essentially prawns fried in Tempura batter, with Yuzu and Coriander Dipping Cream — the Tempura prawns coated in a light, airy yet crisp batter while encased with fresh prawn inside. It's interesting how the Yuzu dipping cream provided a tangy flavour similar to that of the concentrated Yuzu drink sold in big glass jars; refreshing and helps to cut the sinfulness of fried food along the way.