Decided to drop by Pyxiemoss for their all-new lunch menu; described as "house-cured bacon, creamy scrambled eggs, beer bread, Jerusalem artichoke chips, black kale, l&p molasses and tomato ketchup", the dish is very much what is great for a hangover but yet has its own alcoholic twist. The eggs had been sous-vide before being scrambled — creamy, runny to the right degree, while the toast comes with decent charred taste that carries an boozy breath that comes only after quite a while. The bacon was pretty much unlike the usual we are used to; here it's surprisingly mellow it terms of that heavy saltiness of cured meat we are expecting — a slight peppery and with a firm bite that cuts through neatly when one chews yet crisp. Even the l&p molasses on the greens came with a certain depth in terms of taste; sounds pretty usual but it does take some skill to make something simple like this to such a level.