When one thinks of Southern American fare, Buttermilk Fried Chicken is a must; the one here comes with 3 chicken parts (2 drumsticks, 1 breast) and an option of two sides which I opted for the Coleslaw and Mac & Cheese. The menu here also includes DIY all-day breakfast platters (breakfast also includes Buttermilk Pancakes, Maple Bacon Pancakes and a French Toast dish) while there are also beef sandwiches and a few lobster dishes for mains as well.

The Buttermilk Fried Chicken was actually pretty delightful; sure, they will a wee bit greasy especially the chicken breast, but I feel it's pretty acceptable given this is a fried chicken dish and a little oil doesn't really hurt. The chicken were actually pretty tender, succulent and juicy; there was a point of time the juices splattered onto my spectacles and I had to actually eat with them off just in case it happens again. The crust was pretty crispy; think of a firmer, crustier version of Burger King's onion rings with more spices and black pepper within; its biscuity and slightly peppery which makes it all appealing. Both sides were done quite well too; the Mac & Cheese was well-mixed; the macaroni giving a bit of chew with the creamy cheese sauce for that sinful yet comforting flavour which was not overwhelming, while the coleslaw is crunchy and served cold, rather refreshing in between bites of the fried chicken. Quite decent although some may not be willing to part with $19.50 for fried chicken; but hey, this isn't fast food but a bistro after all and it's certainly better than fast food anyway!