Born and bred in 🇸🇬, is an unconventional BBT stand that offers a twist on classic bubble tea! “Nothing more or less than just right”, each cup is handcrafted with love and promises to be a refreshing respite from the 37°C heat.😌

Boasting an extensive menu of unique drinks, here’s what we tried…

👉Harry Potter Butterbeer Chocolate - SGD4.10
📝Comes with a layer of “butterbeer” creamy cheese foam on top of chocolate milk, it was rich, chocolatey and not too sweet. If I had to pick a favourite, this will be the one.

👉Beauty Strawberry Horlick - SGD3.70
📝I’m a huge fan of horlicks and this combination with strawberry purée surprisingly works! However, I found it too sweet for my liking.

👉Matcha Red Bean - SGD4.10
📝Manage your expectations and don’t hope for the same matcha quality you can get from Matchaya or Hvala…😅

👉Cucumber Coconut - SGD3.70
📝Super refreshing and I actually enjoy this combination.

💌Thank you @theprsalon for the invite and for these beverages!😄

📍37 Degrees
Clementi Bus Interchange
441 Clementi Ave West, S120441