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Singapore 600303

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However this prata meal was the best ever. Crispy on the outside, yummy on the inside and freshly made! The guys there were so nice, and were very accommodating with my very Aussie accent (not all places have been so kind ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜) Yes, we will be back.

Pratas here are freshly made on the spot, unlike some of the prata places Iโ€™ve been (Thohirah Iโ€™m looking at you). The pratas are super crispy & fluffy, and it comes with curry and sambal chilli.

The prata here is seriously damn good, very crispy cos they are made to order & damn fluffy. One of the best i had so far in Singapore. And they also give you chili along with the usual curry.

We had plain, egg and egg x cheese pratas! The wait was reasonably long but these pratas was literally the bomb! Love their fluffiness (which prata serves fluffy ones except this stall!) and so sooo much crisp. Mutton was slightly expensive w small portion ($4.50).

With your prata, Teh Tarik may be ENAQ Restaurant's boss recommended but I can't stray from their Milo Dinosaur because rainbow sprinkles ๐ŸŒˆ are the magic of a unicorn ๐Ÿฆ„ The colours don't melt and mix so you'd stir or spoon them up as they sink. If it's no matter, just sip.
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The crispy Egg Onion Prata ($2) crackles as you tear it apart, releasing an alluring aroma of onion and egg. It's a thick bite of generous fillings, with buttery and warm prata that's chewy and fluffy. Served on the side are sambal chilli and curry. I personally love both, dabbing on chilli that's piquant with anchovies, and their flavourful curry.
An interesting prata on the menu is their Milky Gems ($2), which is a plain prata filled with condensed milk and M&Ms. Sounds like a sugar rush!
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This is definitely one of the better pratas I've had in a long while. The prata tore apart delicately with a soft pull of my fork and spoon, and was warm, fluffy and still retained its trademark crispness even as it disintegrated in my mouth. The sambal chilli at the side provided a nice spicy kick, and after eating this, I'd recommend all prata shops to serve sambal chilli as well.

and enaq makes it better; crispier because it is hardly oily with a doughier soft inside. comes with a dollop of sambal to up the shiokness index

This small coffeeshop is where Tastemaker Kenneth Lee believes you can find the best prata in Singapore, and the consistent crowds echo his sentiment โ€” there are only about 10 tables so be prepared to wait for a seat. Thick and doughy but also crispy and not oily, the version here will appeal to those who like their pratas denser and fluffier, not so much paper-thin. Go for the Plain Prata ($1) or Egg Prata ($1.70), so you can enjoy the flavourful curry that comes on the side. Interestingly, the prata also comes with a side of sambal. Use this for dipping, or to customise the spiciness of the curry. You may also wish to add on a side of super tender and flavourful Mutton Curry ($4.50). For dessert, consider the Peanut Butter ($2) or the Milky Gem ($2) โ€” plain prata with an oozy filling of condensed milk and M&M's candies. Did anybody say sugar rush?
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Kenneth Lee

Springleaf Prata Place might still be my favourite place to go for Prata but I guess I have found a nice alternative to go for if I am at a spot too "west" to solve my cravings for Prata. The Plain Prata comes a little more dense, but still incredibly crisp here โ€” what's best is that Enaq serves each plate with a trio of curry/sauces (Mutton Curry, Fish Curry and Sambal Chili) so there's a chance to try out all of them at one go. Both curries are satisfying, while the Sambal seemed to carry a hint of savouriness with the flavours of raw chili โ€” pretty interesting to have with Prata for it's not a common combination; all three of them are pretty delicious so there's bound to be a favourite that everyone will have at the end of the day.

Judging from the photo im sure you can tell how excited i was to dig into this. Mutton was super tender and flavourful while the curry was less thick than normal so it was almost drinkable (that's how much i loved it :p )

Not sure about the name or even what this is but boy was it good. Superb as a side dish and i forgot i was eating potatos after a while, it was just so addictive and full of enticing spices!

Dough was really starchy and slightly sweet which i didnt really like. At least it was crispy though! It was great to have the sambal by the side so you could customise the spiciness of the curry by mixing it in.

The pratas here were crispy, but thicker and more dense, unlike Springleaf's or Casurina's thin crepe-like pratas. But as long as they were crispy, I am satisfied ๐Ÿ˜‚. However the dough for the prata itself was sweet, which the bf disliked. The sambal chili on the side was also sweet. Definitely more for the sweet-toothed, Enaq is still worth the try for crispy prata lovers.

A filling of condensed milk and colourful M&M. It will get very sweetest after bite by bite, but definitely worth your crave.

Price: $2 per piece
Place: Blk 303 Jurong East
Rating: 3/5

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