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From the Burpple community

Wanted to go back to basics tonight. Had a simple coffee and donut combo; tried the matcha green latte and hazelnut latte for drinks and glazed, and strawberry filled donuts.

The drinks were unremarkable. Definitely has that unique Dunkin Donuts taste. Light on the cream and strong with the flavours. If you’re looking for something light and potent, this is for you.

Donuts were better than I remembered them to be. The simple glaze is not at the Krispy Kreme level but is definitely well worth the price. The strawberry filled donut is a personal favourite of mine for nostalgic reasons, but if you love powdered donuts and strawberry flavoured jam, this is a no-brainer.

With the burpple deal, this combo costed $4.15 per donut and drink pair.

Total @ 9.60

Pretty worth the price I would say. But the dozen donut 1 for 1 would be more worth it.

hazelnutty comes with cinammon and nutella while strawberry filled was covered w powdered sugar with strawberry fillings. both were a good snack to fill the tummy w some sweetness! got the iced vanilla choco to go w it v gao but no vanilla taste ($6.30) in total w burpple beyond

Yam filled sugar dusted donut. Was really excited to try this! However, the filling was not great. Tasted more coconut flavour than yam...

Its the fun time of the year again..HALLOWEEN! took some time to decide which ones to get and ended up going for the chocolate ones. Classic good ol' chocolate. YUM!

Taking advantage of Entertainer offers, we bought some donuts for an American teenager. I am not a doughnut fan, but these are even less good than KrispyKreme. Since they don’t sell anything else besides lousy American coffee, wonder why they manage to have so many outlets in Singapore.