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10:00am - 09:00pm

10:00am - 09:00pm

10:00am - 09:00pm

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From the Burpple community

At Don, they only use Sri Lankan air-flown mud crabs and in the event that the crabs receive is not up to the Chef's standards & quality, they may decline to sell crabs for the day.

The taste remains familiar and fills with the sweet taste with hints of herbs in the broth. The milky broth taste was enhanced by the use of vegetables and yam too.

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Cost 12.80 for a single portion. Serving is so generous that finishing the whole bowl make me so so so full. There are three fresh big prawn, one boiled egg and one scallop with shell hidden in it.

For the laksa soup. Well. It was pretty ordinary. Was hoping it to be more spicy and with more sambal.

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Cost 12.8 for a single portion which is definitely enough to feed two! Soup is rich and the lala and prawn are fresh. Must dip in the chili (not in the pic) that give you some refreshing taste. Will come back again!

Tips: pls reserve if you going down as a big group.

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Cost 6.30 for a personal serving. Freshly baked with generous of chicken chunk, potatoes and half piece of boiled egg inside. The crust is buttery and rich.

Verdict: will not purposely travel there for this. Will go there for thei lala and prawn white bee Hoon thou!

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Made the visit to Jalan Besar for Don Signature Crab / Chicken Pie Kitchen after realising that this establishment is run by the same folks who had set up Don Pie (formerly also known as Don Your Personal Pie Club or Don Pie Club) which had since been sold by the original owners and now run by a third party with multiple outlets in Singapore. Previously located at Toa Payoh within a coffeeshop at Toa Payoh North, they had since moved into a shophouse unit at Tyrwhitt Road (formerly occupied by alittle tashi; their epic “Laundry Room” is something I won’t forget) and now serves up their signature pies, cheesecake and Kueh Lapis here, alongside their famed crab dishes including their Crab Bee Hoon Soup amongst others.

Made a walk-in visit on a weekday evening and was lucky to snag the last personal-sized Chicken Pie available for the day. Described in the menu as “Chef Don Lim’s original chicken pie recipe since 1983”, this is also perhaps a slice of heritage in the F&B scene in Singapore to savour — one can easily say its 38 years in the making. Perhaps what makes the chicken pie so well-loved here is the buttery and flaky pastry and the well-filled pie itself that didn’t feel particularly heavy. Felt that the pastry was lacking some crisp; perhaps because given the time we made our visit — but it does carry an evident hint of buttery fragrance that matches the sufficiently moist and slightly peppery fillings within. One could easily find chunks of chicken that is soft-to-the-bite, potatoes that are smooth and almost to the point of being mashed while also coming with nibs of corn, carrots and mushrooms within.

Against the other chicken pies that I have tried in some other cafes, the Chicken Pie from Don Signature Crab / Chicken Pie Kitchen is one that would likely appeal to those who are into more old-school, fuss free renditions — one that is not overly creamy nor heavy without the distractions such as truffle and other “hippie” elements.

I liked the strong tastes of the black pepper in this pie, it’s not too spicy. The personal meal-size pie is a filling meal in itself - has mashed potatoes, boiled eggs, mushrooms and veggies inside, in addition to the chicken. A nice pie to takeaway and reheat for a later meal.