Sweet Potato Latte

$5.50 · 2 Reviews

Ordered: Matcha and Sweet Potato Cashew Nut Latte

❣️More than just an insta worthy cafe, Kebun joins the vegan party with their menu of lactose free drinks that do more than just tasting good on the tongue. The Matcha latte is slightly “sandy” as this green power pack is made by whisking matcha powder and water to a thick froth (yes, done the good old traditional Japanese way) before the cashew milk is added. The sweet potato latte on the other hand is made with blended sweet potato and cashew milk. Yeap you didn’t read it wrong, it’s blended sweet potato made fresh on the spot upon order. Talk about “respecting” ingredients 😉! Fresh tea lattes are on the menu too so do check them out if you are in the area *Hong Lim Food Centre ahem*~

This was pretty good!! The sweet potato flavour is reminiscent of roasted, caramelised sweet potato. I don’t usually get sweet potato flavour stuff so I’m not sure if they usually taste like that - not savoury and pleasantly sweet. Overall a really balanced drink, the sweet potato goes well with the cashew nut milk.