Intestine Mee Sua

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The mee sua not soggy, the broth quite flavourful, smooth and not too starchy.The intestine is clean.
Recommended to add black vinegar.
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📍Eat 3 bowls
103 Pasir Panjang Rd.
Singapore 118531

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In the midst of COVID-19 when we can’t travel, this is the closest thing you can get to Taiwan. Tried their Eat 3 Bowls with drink ($15 nett) and braised chinese cabbage ($4.20 nett). Personally love their shredded chicken rice which was tender and fragrant with shallot oil drizzled onto the chicken. Their 卤肉饭 is good too! Braised pig intestine mee sua was not bad but pales in comparison to the other 2 rice dishes. Their milk tea is worth a try too with chewy pearls that are of the right Q-ness. Will definitely be back! Be prepared to Q during meal times though.

8 Dec’18, Sat🌧
📍Eat 3 Bowls 呷三碗
- Oyster Intestine Mee Sua 蚵仔大腸麵線🍜

After hearing much abt Eat 3 Bowls 呷三碗, decided to go jiak kua mai (吃吃看)...

A little disappointed by the mee sua, while the portion was quite generous, find the oysters a little not as fresh as I expected them to be and the intestine taste a little gamey to my likings...

Their minced meat rice 滷肉飯 do a better job but like just decent...

Overall, a little over-rated, you can try this if you are near the vicinity but not worth travelling in my opinion...

Instagrammable, but suggest try just once will do...

Damage: $6.50
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$15 per set with a drink.
Yummy chicken rice, tasty savoury minced pork rice, satisfying oyster pungent braised intestine Mee Suah.

Added B8 Braised Egg $1.30. So good!

Instagrammable place! ❤️ 🇹🇼


Lucky me, Eat 3 Bowls has opened a new air-conditioned concept near my place! Just a couple of doors down from Tolido’s Espresso Nook, they’ve got a really cute classroom theme going on that just oozes charm.

Order the mee sua here for sure satisfaction; its got a perfect consistency for slurping and already has a good dollop of minced garlic and coriander added in. The tender pieces of braised intestines were really tender too and devoid of strong porky flavours. Only gripe is that while the oysters were really plump and fat, they were over cooked and slightly stiff. Still, great comfort food that I’ll definitely be back for! 😛

Bring up your mee sua game with Eat 3 Bowl's Intestine Mee Sua, in which there are pork intestines AND plump oysters. Bathed in a vinegary, starchy gravy, this dish is very inviting and makes a highly satisfying meal.


The thick, richly savoury broth is so deliciously peppery, and the thin vermicelli rice noodles are slippery smooth.
The sliced pork large intestine pieces are so tender and easy to eat. Easy to slurp down.
Loved every spoon of this.
Eat 3 Bowls
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Finalllllly cleared this off my wishlist! This seems to be the closest I can get to 阿宗面线 here. Smooth, starchy and tasty braised intestines make for a simple but satisfying lunch. Ask for more vinegar to give your bowl a better tang too!

The fried intestines are a nice side too, but they have a little bit (just a little) of that smell that some might not like.


Intestine Mee Sua ($3.50)
@eat3bowls seems to have gained some popularity in the recent months and it is not hard to understand why. This Intestine Mee Sua is well-priced and tasted like it came right out of Ah Zhong Mian Xian’s kitchen in Taipei. The portion size was also decent with many diners opting to order a bowl of their braised pork rice as well. Thick gravy coats the mee sua and the braised intestine bits were like flavour bursts in the the mouth. I only wished for some chilli sauce to spice things up a little. Go early to avoid the lunchtime queues!
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Pig Intestines Mee Sua.

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