Wasabi Butter Beef

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Wasabi Butter Beef from @kyodaisg was chow at $9.90 during opening promo. It's a blanket of thin beef slices over Japanese rice, plus an onsen egg, pickles, sesame seeds, and fried and spring onions. A pale green knob of wasabi butter makes this decidedly not #basic Curious, you carve out corner to try and it turns into a smooth melt on your tongue. The butter mellows out the heat of wasabi, leaving just its flavour.
Puncturing the yolk might not trigger a yellow stream for #eggporn with the many ingredients cradling it in. Pick up a beef slice to taste with a dip into the yolk, and press another into the green butter. The scrumptious sukiyaki marinade of the meat adds bold, hearty flavour. Give the bowl a mix so the creaminess of the egg binds with the moist grains, with the garnish lending some contrasting crunch to the deep flavours.
Their updated menu lets you BYO Butter Bowl from $10, choosing from their line-up of seven flavoured butters and four meats with rice or dry udon.


at $8.90 for two pieces, these are good for on-the-go snacking and I say, people from team mentaiko have to try this 😍 and to set your expectations, this eatery has only 4 seats so be prepared for takeaways.
πŸ“47 bencoolen street, #01-03, kyodai, singapore 189626
thank you @kyodaisg and @kenpgl for having me!

Tried two of their rice bowls here: Wasabi Butter Beef ($9.90) and Salmon Sashimi ($10.90). I really enjoyed the former; didn't think wasabi butter would be such a delicious addition to gyudon! Beef slices are tender and the rice bowl is pretty packed with flavour as it includes a sous vide egg, onions, chives and tsukemono (Japanese pickles). Those who know me know I don't eat seafood, but I decided to take a chance on the salmon sashimi don; turns out it's not as bad as I thought, and I had a revelation that I'd be pretty okay with (some FRESH) sashimi. The rice bowl is filled with a generous serving of diced salmon sashimi and accompanied with chives, lettuce and tsukemono. Of course if I had to choose, I'd definitely opt for the wasabi butter beef bowl again, though the Starboy Pork Belly ($9.90) is extremely tempting too!

This is part of a hosted meal at @kyodaisg.

Gyocos are a work of genius; essentially crisp and savoury gyoza skin sushi tacos generously stuffed with either Wasabi Butter Beef or Salmon and Tuna ($8.90 each) and other garnishes wrapped with seaweed.

The former has really tender and flavourful slices of beef, although the wasabi butter could be more apparent, but regardless, it's really tasty.

As y'all should know by now, I don't eat seafood but I was feeling daring enough to try the salmon and tuna so I gave it a go, and quite surprisingly the many layers helped to cover up any strong seafood tastes, which is a great thing for me. πŸ˜†

Every aspect of the Gyoco is important to make it work, especially the gyoza skin which really ups the wow factor overall, and I am so glad to say this is far from being a gimmick! 😎 No doubt this would be a nice alternative to rice bowls if you aren't in the mood for that.

Kyodai is a Japanese takeout joint reminiscent of the stalls you'd typically see along Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. It is situated right next to Hotel Bencoolen, opposite NAFA. There are limited seats available if you wish to dine there.

Shout out to @smithankyou and @darr3n0ng for the invite and @kyodaisg for hosting us for this tasting session! πŸ‘Š

Besides Rice Bowls (Beef/Pork Belly/Teriyaki Chicken/Sashimi/Aburi), the other items on the menu include Udon (Beef/Mushroom & Lettuce), Sashimi and Gyocos (tacos made with gyoza skin). There is also an all day beer promo (Asahi Mint/Baird Beer/Paulaner Kristallklar).
Kyodai means "brothers" in Japanese and like its namesake, the eatery is reminiscent of a caring sibling, who strives to serve food that is full of warmth and sincerity.  Do drop by and give the Japanese fare at this month-old joint a try! 😊
Kyodai Singapore
47 Bencoolen Street
Hotel Bencoolen
Unit No.: 01-03
Singapore 189626
Nearest MRT Station: Bencoolen (Downtown Line DT21 Exit B)
* Please note that seating is limited
Thank you @smiththankyou for the invite and @kyodaisg for your warm hospitality.




From Kyodai, a new hole-in-the-wall Japanese fusion eatery at Hotel Bencoolen which primarily serves the takeaway crowd β€” the eatery has five counter seats situated along the walkway of Hotel Bencoolen to cater to dine-in customers, though the counter tables are a tad high in comparison to the stools (they would be re-adjusting the height of the counter soon however).

The Gyoco is a fusion of Taco and Gyoza β€” seaweed, sushi rice, shabu shabu beef that is cooked with wasabi butter all encased in a taco shell that is similar to a Gyoza wrap. Sold in twos, the Gyoco is actually pretty crisp, while the entire package was not too messy to eat save for the stray pieces of Gyoza skin that broke off whenever we took a bite. Flavour-wise, the dish was actually more on the buttery side, perhaps due to the wasabi utter used while mostly savory from the Gyoza wrap β€” not too bad actually.