Jinling Roast Duck

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One of their signature item, the roast duck was juicy and lots of meat.

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As you can see the portion is about a quarter of a duck? Duck was smooth but the MVP was absolutely the sauce. I've got no idea why but somehow the sweet savoury sauce is just unbelievably good. Their signature for a good reason!

We ordered the small portion which was enough for sharing among 6pax. The skin was nice and fatty but meat wasn't very tender. Supposedly the signature item but nothing to rave about.

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Try their
✔Jinling Roast duck (crispy skin)
✔Sesame scented Beancurd Julienne (4th pic: looks like noodles but actually made from beancurd)
✔Palace chicken with pickled chilli (like 猪脚醋 but with a tinge of sweetness which has the oomphs factor)
They have ongoing pipa and erhu (chinese instruments) performance. It is as if you have returned back to the olden times in China

Jinling Roast Duck ($16.80)

Definitely one of the must-order items @nanjingimpressions . This roast duck is served in a very delicious herbal sauce best to drizzle all over a bowl of rice! The roast duck's skin isn't the crispy kind but tasty nonetheless while the duck meat was tender and well seasoned. The small portion can easily feed 2-3 pax.


Here are two reasons why we'd re-visit this place: the stellar cooking and the unique setting. The restaurant is decked up to resemble olden China, complete with Chinese lanterns, old-school wooden benches and costumed servers. There's plenty to enjoy food-wise too. Try the Jinling Roast Duck (from $16.80/small), which sports tender meat and a tasty herbal sauce. Pair that with the Steamed Glutinous Rice with Pork ($13.80), which Burppler Dex Neo declares to be his favourite dish here. The glutinous rice is steamed with the pork for three hours, resulting in a soft, pillowy parcel fused and flavoured with the pork fat. Take Dex's advice and ask for their chilli oil mix, which is not set out on the table. For something sweet, end with the Honey-Glazed Stuffed Lotus Root ($12.80), which comes stuffed with glutinous rice and slicked in pear-honey syrup.
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo


Another of our favourites, the Jinling Roast Duck impressed us with its tender duck meat, tasty skin that was almost crisp in some parts and a herbal sauce that we specially ordered a bowl of rice to eat with! 🍚 😛

The portion was also a pleasant surprise where it almost felt like half a duck. I'd avoid the duck XLBs in the background though as they weren't impressive nor cheap. But overall quite a convincing first time at Nanjing Impressions! Would be back to try some of the other items that caught our attention on the menu