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The G Spot

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The first thought that came to my mind was wow this cake actually cost 9 dollars then I pondered over it's name. I was told that this is one of their best seller and highly recommended if you are a chocolate lover. Decided to give it a try and it did live up to its name. The rich chocolate mousse combined with a crispy base had me wanting for more

Devoured this in a flash!!! Small thing but don’t underestimate its power (a bit like me). Pairing the cake with their French Hot Chocolate was not the wisest life choice, but this was WELL WORTH the 3-day sore throat… mmmfff possibly the best chocolate cake ever!!!

πŸ… 10/10 A+ first class honours
πŸ’­ MUST TRY!!!!!

Strawberry shortcake-overall quite nice, but the sponge truly is wonderful.. 4.5/5

G spot-naturally a cake adopting tbe place's name wouls be their besy seller rite? Might be too sweet for some (not for me), very creamy and has that crunchy hazrlnutty (maube nutella-y would be more appropriate) base to it. 4/5

Granted, it doesn't look as visually attractive as the other cakes on display -- but much like its namesake, it is quite capable of delivering (gastronomical) pleasure disproportionate to its size and appearance.

Comprises several layers: Dark chocolate mousse, chocolate meringue and hazelnut praline crunch. The mousse was really rich, decadent and thick (but not off-putting), with a nice hint of chocolatey bitterness. The hazelnut base sealed the deal with some biscuit-y, nutty crunch to each bite. What a masterpiece.

For approximately $9, you may finally find your G Spot. Definitely worth a try.

Protip: Never pair cakes with coffee. Opt for a lighter beverage, like tea.

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Came here a few times but never gotten their signature G Spot (easily distracted by their other offerings). Chocolate lover will definitely adore this, Super thick and gao chocolate flavours. What I really love about this would be the chocolate hazelnut praline crunch giving it a nice texture difference with every bite.


When you have eaten their signature "G Spot" so many times, it is time for a change. And this cake called "Tropical" (S$8.50) is quite an exotic one. On top of the butter crumble base sits a thin slice of coconut sponge cake, pressed by a thick "donut" mousse of passion fruit and mango mix. The moment when you take a bit of the yellow mousse, you will taste a rush of that distinct passion fruit taste and a mild lingering mango aftertaste. The core of the mousse holds banana marmalade, which is on a sweeter note. I suppose the coconut chantilly at the top of the cake is meant to smoothen out the sourness of the mousse. Putting everything together, do try to eat the cake in a fixed direction, for attacking inwards will mean that you conquer all the sour and end with eating all the sweet.

Not overly sweet and very light!
Whereas on the contrary, G Spot is rich chocolate that never goes wrong!
Sweet endings to a healthy meal of sandwiches and granolaπŸ‘πŸ»