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From delicious dosais, to sumptuous thali meals and aromatic South Indian coffee, @komalavilas1947 is one of the biggest mainstays of Little India, and also a proud bearer of the Singapore’s Heritage Brands. Guess what? They have over 4.3k Google Reviews and an overall rating of 4.2⭐️.

👉Dosai Meal - SGD10
Paper/Masala Dosai, served with 3 vegetables, sambar, chutney & kulambu

I got their Masala Dosai which was packed with generous amount of mashed potato fillings. As for their vegetables which changes from time to time, I really enjoyed the ones I had that day - cucumbers, lady’s fingers & long beans. Totally no idea how they were cooked but most importantly, the flavours managed to excite both my taste buds and imagination. And finally not to forget their sambar, kulambu and 3 different chutneys that gave rise to countless unique flavour combinations. All in all, simply just eat how ever you like/enjoy it!😋👍

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📍Komala Vilas
76-78 Serangoon Road, S217981
☎️6293 6980
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If vegetarian food tasted this good everyday, I wouldn’t mind converting to a vegetarian! A must try is their paper dosai, which was crispy and extremely flavourful. Definitely an authentic Indian food experience!
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I just love Dosais I cannot even 😍 I tried the crispy paper-thin dosai at Komala's for the first time and imagine my joy when I first saw the huge rolled up Indian crepe! I had it plain, just dipped in the accompanying daal, but to get it crispy do note that it will definitely be oily than the non-crispy version!

Set in two floors of a shophouse unit along a busy stretch of Serangoon Road, Komala Vilas has been serving fast, tasty food since 1947. Head upstairs, order at the counter and take a seat as they bang out your food in no time. Have their standout Vadai Set ($3), fried savoury lentil "donuts" that come with chutney. Vadais can be unsatisfyingly cold and limp, but the ones here are always crisp on the outside and very fluffy. But what you're really here for is their Dosai Meal ($8.50, opt for the Paper Dosai over the heavy Masala) — a humongous paper dosai the length of your arm served with three vegetable curries, sambar, chutney and kulambu. This is a filling meal that can be shared by two for lunch, and will no doubt satisfy any thosai cravings you're having. Don't forget to end your meal with a cup of warm Masala Tea ($1.80) and you'll leave happy and full.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Tammy Wee

Another check in my to try list! One of the best paper Dosai I've had in SG without a doubt, with the evident taste of lentils in the batter and right thickness and crispiness of the crepe! Kudos to the recommendation of @Jayne (-: ! They serve decent naans here but would suggest skipping the Rawa Dosai and go for the paper/plain one!

I have eaten many, many dosais, and it is with wonder and much regret that I've wasted so many years Not wolfing down this Dosai Meal. I'm never bothering with anywhere else again. This meal comes with 1 paper dosai (u can choose masala if you want, but there's potato in this meal already so you might as well enjoy a paper), 3 vegetable curries, sambar, chutney and kulambu. This is the closest to what I've had in India.

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