Claypot Rice (#01-38, Yuan Yuan)

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Ask what’s for dinner. The rice is nicely scorched and the char adds into the fragrance to this claypot rice. Overall, it is damn nice today, craving satisfied.

Got the Fish & Chips ($8) from Wow Wow West, Claypot Rice ($10) from Yuan Yuan Claypot Rice & Chicken Rice ($3.5). First 2 were all tasty!
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2.5 munchies: While it was great that the rice was cooked from scratch (hence the waiting time of 20 mins or so), I prefer it in bigger grains and cooked al dente. Not only the tasteless chicken needed to be marinated longer, there was also not enough salted fish to contrast the dark soy sauce and sesame oil flavours. Oh, and I decided to forget about the missing bok choy in the dish since I ordered kai lan as a side.

Yuan Yuan Claypot Rice, #01-38

There's just something about an extra big claypot of rice that's makes it so exciting. Charred flavours mixed with tender chicken joints and random bits of salted fish! Yumms.

A pretty famous stall but was disappointed by it. The rice just smelled and tastes burnt.