Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant (Cuppage Plaza)

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The refurbished Kazu Sumiyaki in Cuppage Plaza recently relinquished its old, homey ambience for a modernised vibe, but that's not stopping the regular crowd of Japanese salarymen from frequenting. Thankfully, the excellent menu remains the same. Come for the Foie Gras ($7) and the Tontoro Ringo ($4.50) skewers. The latter is fatty pork jaw skewered with apple chunks for an extra burst of sweetness. Thanks to the charcoal grill, all the skewers here are redolent with smokiness. Another skewer to try is the Hotate Kai ($6), three fresh, plump scallops lightly grilled. Don't leave without trying the Okonomiyaki ($3), their unique take marries Osaka's famed okonomiyaki and takoyaki. End on a sweet note with the Yaki Awayuki ($10) — chewy mochi wrapped around a ball of ice cream, which is then barbecued and topped with a cluster of spun sugar. Reservations are highly recommended.
Avg price: $55 per person with drinks
Photo by Burppler Justin Teo

A thin layer of crisp fried dough to hold all the fresh crunchy vegetables inside. These fried balls of refreshing cabbages cost $3++ a stick, so it isn't too heavy on your wallet or tummies.

I'm wondering myself why I'm uploading (almost) everything that left an impression last night. Perhaps it's because of the price I paid for dinner (not sorry this is true) and the fact that my spot was lit and therefore was able to take presentable pictures heheheh. Okonomi Yaki here was skillfully done (I mean look at that loopy drizzle of mayo) with the right balance of flour and toppings.