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Nitro Black Matter

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Sautéed Quinoa, Halibut, Yellow Zucchini, Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Almonds, Kale, Cherry Tomato Confit

Tucked away in the Jalan Besar district of Singapore, @cshhcoffee which means to “flourish again”, was home to several metal and hardware companies of the past. Today, it is home to @papapalheta, housing the Roastery, CSHH Coffee Bar and C-Platform.

The different components of the dish came together to deliver a delicious harmony of flavours and textures. But if I have to nitpick, my only gripe would be the crunchy slab of Halibut was kinda dry.

P.S. Their Nitro Black Matter was really potent 🤣.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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For those times when you need coffee but you also want beer. It might be too acidic for some people, but I don't really mind. Try to finish it while it's still frothy and cold though.


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Perfectly extracted coldbrew turned frothy. Decided on their mac and cheese (it has brie in it- my fave!) to go with because cake is too ordinary 😂 Wish I had more time here to try an actual cuppa.


The cafe concept is quite special ,we order their nitro black coffee ,iced latte and earl grey cheese cake ..nothing attract me to coming back here again .

Despite the competition heating up, chye seng huat is still thriving among locals and visitors alike. No wonder even their cashiers display "huat ah". As it was the the case when I first visited a few years back, I had to settle for alfresco seating. Got the iced mocha to combat the heat.
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Not. This is the nitro black matter cold coffee on tap from @cshhcoffee. The foam layer is formed by the nitro, which also creates this creamy and ultra smooth and silky feeling when the coffee slides down your throat - there is no cream in this at all. The brew is aromatic and strong yet feels light and refreshing. It is so smooth I could go on drinking this if I were sitting next to the tap. I love it, and if I had my way, I would have the tap installed next to my desk.
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This here is Nitro Black Matter ($7), cold brew coffee passed through nitrogen and poured from a tap like Guinness.

The folks at Chye Seng Huat were nice enough to offer a taster shot, which was intriguing enough to make me want a cup. But the bubbles fizzled and the black matter lost its coolness and I could barely bring myself to finish even half of it.

Best gulped down while fresh from the tap.

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It's probably just for novelty sake. Cold Brew served from a Nitro tap is a good idea, especially when it adds fizziness to the cold brew, but that acidity is enough to make me cringe.

Is nitro coffee with chocolate ginger bar and cookie. #burpple