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The hotcake was served warm & fluffy; the berries and ice-cream provided a good balance to the dish. Although it took 30 mins but I’d say it’s worth the wait given the portion and value. I’d recommend sharing it amongst 3-4 pax or having it on an empty stomach as it can be quite filling.

Price: $14.90 (not inclusive of GST & service charge)

Like everyone else I was excited to visit this place due to the decor. However I was told by what seemed to be the manager that if I wanted to change my poached egg to scrambled egg, it would cost me $4. FOUR DOLLARS to make a scrambled egg instead of the lengthier process of a poached egg. My partner and I promptly left the establishment and took our business to a cafe that actually appreciates its customers. Will never come back here again.

Not only were these very pretty to look at, they are up there on my comfort food list.

Fluffy and fragrant, it came with maple on the side so you get to decide how sweet your hotcake is. Served with blueberries, strawberries, loads of pumpkin &sunflower seed mix that I’m usually not a fan of and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream (half the visual battle won when I saw the black specks!!). If I had to nitpick, I wished the crunch could’ve been replaced with something else and this would’ve been perfect for me.

It’s more like a cake with how fluffy it is, but it sure is done well! Probably should have gone with the berry version, as the bacon, pumpkin, caramelised onions and sunflower seed mix was a little bit too interesting for me. Still good none the less!

Super sinful, but Super delicious! Would have been really great if the exterior gave the solid crispy crunch, but it fell short on that. But it didn’t stop us from finishing up the entire plate! The kaffir lime mayo was really good and went well with the dish!

It’s hard to fine good waffles, but curious palette doesn’t disappoint with it! The pears could have been poached longer so it’s softer and soaks up the wine flavour, but those walnut crumbles are absolutely superb!

A 30 mins wait for the pancake. But quite worth the wait because the pancake is very fluffy and nice. The strawberries and blackberries are very sour. It is good.

Not sure where the ricotta is but I did enjoy this very much! The hotcake was nice and fluffy, and all the accompaniments went well with it. Just wish the ice cream scoop was bigger!

Has a crust, the condiments were nice mixture of crunch and tangy yuzu and yoghurt. The inside was fluffy, but really do not absorb the batter 3.5/5

Good fragrance away from being the perfect waffle. Crispy and fluffy. Prefer Caramalized rather than bruleed banana tbh 4.25/5

The taste of truffle in the risotto was not strong although you could smell it. The dish is also paired with strips of sundried tomato which I find a lil sourish but serves as a good contrast to the otherwise bland risotto.

Berry Ricotta hotcakes🍒🥞 at $14.90
Crunchy sunflower seeds, vanilla ice cream, fresh berries, fluffy hot cakes, varied texture n richness. Waited for 20min but worth it.

#berryricottahotcake #curiouspalette #burpple #sgfoodie #myfab5 #fluffycake #maplesyrup

feeling adventurous, thus why i go for this hotcake with onions and ice cream. Hotcake was fluffier than what i remembered, bacon was crispy but the onions do not fit in. Still love this though 4.5/5

The Berry Ricotta Hotcake ($14.90) and Peach & Raisin Ricotta Hotcake ($14.90) were just soooo good, with their incredibly fluffy, cake-like texture. Appreciate the sunflower/pumpkin seed mix l which added texture to the fluffiness and the subtle drizzle of lavender sauce on the vanilla bean ice cream. Definitely recommend sharing this, and you'll not regret! #burpple #brunch #breakfast

Hot cakes that worth waiting for. Waited for 30min for this, the hotcakes was crunchy on the outside but warm and soft in the middle. Love the combi with the ice cream! Will go back again for this.

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