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Not So Great

If you are looking for something with great value and decent food, just order the hotcakes. $17.50 for the plate above and $25 for the one below isn't worth it. Was totally disappointed with the portion and the yolk of their poached eggs were fully cooked. Honesty, lots of cafe out there with such prices serve up to 2x their portion. Once is enough I guess.

Buttermilk Waffles with Gula Melaka and Coconut Cream ($14.50)

Waffles topped with vanilla bean ice cream, red beans and roasted peanuts. Always love their waffles which is delightfully crisp on the outside but light as air on the inside. While I wish the Gula Melaka was more prominent, the combination is something that can satisfy my sweet tooth cravings.

Buttermilk Waffle with Bananna Brulee and Wild Berries Compote and Ice Cream ($13.50++)

Buttermilk Waffle with Banana Brulee and Wild Berries Compote and Ice Cream ($13.50++) at Curious Palette: always wanted to try this cafe which was also started by the ones who founded the popular Stranger's Reunion cafe

Something visibly of note here in this dish is that the bananas are glazed with a layer of brûlée, something i have never seen done in other cafes. It did add a very caramelised edge to the overall taste of the waffle, ice cream and fruits combination but the taste of the brûlée tended to get masked by the overpowering creaminess of the ice cream

The wild berries compote was luscious and slightly piquant and cut through the vanilla-flavoured ice cream well, making for a berry-licious tête-à-tête in my mouth

And of course the waffles, the make or break factor (to me) for any waffle-with-something dish. I was pretty impressed with the waffle, light, crispy on the outside and very fluffy on the inside, just the way i like it done. Would probably say this is one of my top 5 favourite waffles in Singapore

ricotta berry hotcake ($14.50)

If you were to ever head down to curious palette, the ricotta berry hotcake is a must try!😊 the warmth of the pancake really complimented the scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, the taste was further enhanced with maple syrup and a great combination of nuts and berries 🍓
- thapas

Avocado on focaccia; or not.

The menu said focaccia but the bread neither looked like nor tasted like focaccia. For the record, avocados should just remain on sourdough. I have not had a better combination so far. I am not a fan of poached eggs but 'we cannot change any items in the dish, sir'. I respect that; so given the two reasons above, I would not order this dish again. Either I am always ordering the wrong things at Curious Palette, or the menu just does not agree with me. Thankfully, White Magic saved the day. #burpple #curiouspalettesg

Party of flavours and textures.

The crab cake has a crispy exterior though mushy within. Coat it with the runny egg yolk, complete with the soft muffin bun. Truffled sweet potato fries are served by the side. Satisfying, comforting brunch item.

Baked eggs with ciabatta bread ($17.90++).

Quite an average dish, with an interesting addition of curried macademia nuts. The bread could be more toasted, and they should leave the butter out or on the side. And I waited 35 minutes for this 😑. Price okay, taste so-so, wait time, nope.

Magical Banana Brûlée Waffle

Lovely buttermilk waffle with banana brûlée, berry compote and vanilla ice cream. Ideal for Sunday tea. Yummy.

For Beautiful Hotcakes to Share

Tucked away at the end of a row of shophouses along Prinsep Street, this is one place you can catch up with your girlfriends in a gorgeous, laidback setting. Start with their excellent Syphon Coffee ($6.90) or a bottle of White Magic ($6.90) — a chilled blend of espresso, milk and cream. A favourite and convenient cafe option among nearby art school students and those in town (nearest MRT is Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station), the space can fill up quickly on weekends, so visit either before or after the lunch rush to ensure seats. Almost every table ends the meal with the much photographed Berry Ricotta Hotcake ($14.90) that we highly recommend sharing among a group of four or more. The beautiful creation features a thick pancake with perfectly caramelised sides in a skillet pan, a generous handful of berries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds on the side and topped with a scoop of milky vanilla bean ice cream. Add a drizzle of maple sauce for that finishing touch. For a proper meal, try the Crab Cake on English Muffin ($19.50) that comes with a wobbly sous vide egg and the yummiest truffle sweet potato fries!
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler Hilary See

Berry Ricotta Pancake

Quite possibly the most ordered and prettiest dish in Curious Palette, which is why I was told it would only arrive at my table in 30 minutes. Most people shared this dish between two or three or even in a big group, but I attempted to finish this all on my own (i know, stupid move but i really really REALLY wanted to try) and for the first half, it went pretty well. I didn't need the maple syrup on the side, simply because the pancake was already lightly sweetened and the vanilla bean ice cream was sweet enough for me.

Buuuut, the carbs took over and it proved simply too much for one to stomach everything, pancake and all. I would say it's best for a group of four to share it — a quarter of the thick, dense pancake, with a spoonful of the vanilla ice cream, fresh berries and sunflower seeds is just enough to satiate your sweet tooth. Still #Burpproved (if i were to share it).

P.S. I finished almost three quarters so yay #achievementunlocked #pancakemonster

Yummy Waffles & Hotcakes!

Yummy place to stop by for desserts! Waffles & ice cream are good! Not too crowded on a Monday evening

Peach & Raisin Ricotta Hotcakes

Had to wait 30mins for this as its made upon order. The hotcakes are really nice and i regretted having this all to myself because i felt a bit jelat afterwards (wrong move here). I do like the combination of the fruits and nuts and a scoop of ice cream on top of it, but i do wish they would have separated it as it melts all over da hotcakes and could have more of it as it tends to feel dry after a few minutes of eating..and did tried the waffles too! Its good but i find it a tad pricey. I paid around $17 for this (after splitting the gst & service charge with le friend), its worth a try though!


Crab Cake With Sweet Potato Fries

The sweet potato fries were fab as with fries at curious palette but the crab cake was more mashed potatoes than crab and too mushy.

Truffle Fries & Chicken Tenders

Super generous portion of fries & fab chicken tenders. Our usual order for dinner - to share of course!

Because pretty food!

😍 (and possibly the best ricotta hotcakes in SG) #throwback #burpple

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