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Strawberry Smoothie with Cream Cheese Foam $6.90
Sangha Farm Ice Cream Latte $5.80
Iced Busan Sea Salted Cream Latte, Cinnamon Croffle $10.40

Compose Coffee probably does not need too much of an introduction these days — having opened its doors at Suntec City just a couple of months back, it had opened too much hype back then for being a coffee chain hailing from Korea; their Suntec City outlet being their very first location in Singapore. Their Suntec City outlet is located in the same area as where one would find the Marché Mövenpick outlet there, as well as the outlet of Eggslut and Butahage within Suntec City Mall as well. Their outlet in Suntec City is decked in a bright yellow colour scheme with black furniture and fittings; there are also LED boards will text scrolling which adds on to the futuristic look to the space — something that seems to be really in-tune with the brand’s appeal to hipsters and young folks that are particularly into the Korean culture. Being more of a chain that specialises in specialty coffee, Compose Coffee’s menu seems to focus heavily on their coffee offerings — apart from the usual espresso-based specialty coffee offerings which many other establishments also offer, they also do carry some rather unique conditions such as the Dolce Latte, Eispanner Latte, Coconut Latte, and their Busan Sea Salted Cream Latte. Apart from specialty coffee, Compose Coffee also serves up items such as frappes, milk tea, milkshake, fruit tea, smoothies and Sangha Farm Ice-Creams. For its food offerings, Compose Coffee offers patrons with a variety of savoury and sweet croffles, as well as some sweet bakes — all stocked up in the display case at the counter.

Since we are pretty much people who cannot understand the hype over croffles, we pretty much skipped on trying their line-up of sweet and savoury croffles even though they seem to be pretty much the signature here at Compose Coffee. Instead, we decided to go for the Sangha Farm Ice Cream, which we also paired up with their signature Busan Sea Salted Cream Latte. For the Sangha Farm Ice Cream, Compose Coffee only offers their soft-serve ice-cream in cups; there are also variants of the Sangha Farm Ice Cream such as the Sangha Farm Affogato (comes with coffee drizzled over the soft-serve ice-cream), or the Sangha Farm Ice Cream Latte which sees the Latte being served almost in a “float” format where ice-cream is being paired with the latte.

The Sangha Farm Ice Cream is probably the best way to try the soft-service ice-cream as-is; the Sangha Farm Ice-Cream being an ice-cream that is churned from organic milk from Sangha Farm — the texture of the soft-serve being all smooth and creamy with an incredibly rich milkiness without being too sweet. In fact, the Sangha Farm Ice-Cream does emphasise quite a lot on the notes of dairy from the organic milk that is used in the making of the soft-serve — one which we found to be more complex than what we have had expected especially in the finishing notes. Meanwhile, the Busan Sea Salted Cream Latte felt almost like a replica of M5 Coffee’s Singapore-exclusive Mount Faber in terms of aesthetics — the Mount Faber from M5 Coffee being a drink which also came with three layers that consists of milk, blue curacao syrup and coffee. The Busan Sea Salted Cream Latte we ordered came with a 25% sweetness level which was recommended by the staff. Given how the Busan Sea Salted Cream Latte consists of a sugar syrup, coffee, milk and a sea salt-infused cream cap on the top, one can taste the notes of coffee in the drink, though this was a little bit on the faint side; the drink mostly being a sweet-savoury mix of sea salt and sugar syrup that is no doubt decent and works just about fine, though coffee junkies might want to opt for more conventional items like the Americano, Cafe Latte or the Eispanner Latte for a more caffeinated punch. As commercial as Compose Coffee may seem, it is not too difficult to understand the hype around it — they do serve up pretty decent items and even have drinks and food that is likely to appeal to the hipsters that are well-versed with Korean culture; the brand’s youthful and vibrant image also does seem to align itself well with their target demographic as well. While the spot still does see queues for their coffee on weekends these days, we do think Compose Coffee is worth a try especially for those whom are curious once the crowd situation subsides in time to come.

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