Common Man Coffee Roasters, (CMCR) is the product of a partnership between three stakeholders, Harry Grover, Spa Esprit Group and Five Senses Coffee; each contributing considerable knowledge, experience and resources that have seen the business grow from strength to strength. This combination of experience and passion has culminated in a thriving Café, Academy, Roastery and Wholesale business, with a team dedicated to sharing their love for the product in an approachable and enjoyable way, specialty coffee for the common man.

22 Martin Road
Singapore 239058

07:30am - 05:00pm

07:30am - 05:00pm

07:30am - 05:00pm

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07:30am - 06:00pm

07:30am - 05:00pm



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You heard it here first! They just brought in their own custom named glass tumblers. $35 for one and you get a free coffee and 10% off coffee when you bring it thereafter! Heads up! The brand is Sol and they are quite light but supposed to be relatively tough still. The drinking opening is left open. Silicone cap vs keep cup's plastic cap.

For not-so-common Mediterranean breakfast, this place never disappoints! They manage to make vegetarian food so tasty that you wouldn’t notice the absence of meat in the dish. I especially liked the crispy slivers of phyllo which gave way to a soft boiled egg. Couldn’t quite appreciate the fried feta as it was made from a rather pungent goat’s cheese. But the combination of fresh juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus and pita bread was simply perfect!

A good choice if you are looking for a healthy, carb-free option. It could have used a bit more salt and seasoning for my liking but hey, it’s supposed to be healthy. 😋

The cafe was filled to the brim with western expats. My korean colleague who loves cafe-hopping likes the food and atmosphere a lot. I had the common man veggie wonderland while he had the rather interesting Mediterranean/Arabic inspired dish (which name I forgot) Portion was just right for a brunch menu, I was not overly filled or hungry after eating. Price-wise on the high side but you get what you pay for, the ingredients were very fresh. To me the Star was the unforgettable hot chocolate which left my tummy very satisfied :)

My first time with this breakfast/ brunch item.
The pita bread was cut into two, with one mixed and baked within and the other resting on top of the dish. The first few mouths were really rich, creamy and fragrant but it became really 'jelak', making it hard to finish the dish.

Eggs benefict ($24)-i prefer having english muffins as a base, but the sourdough is good. Egg is runny, rockets are nicely dressed, the braised ef gives a unique take on the benedict. Pretty good 4.25/5

Brioche french toast ($19)-This one is good, fluffy, custardy interior, with some crispy exterior around the corner. Coulis and ice cream give some tart and sweetness to it. 4.5/5

($25) Thought that the combination of feta and hummus makes this dish too salty. Eggs were cooked nicely, still runny and whatevee was coating the egg, that crispy bits is delicious, a bit sweet kinda counter the saltiness a bit 3.75/5

A vibrant and busy cafe, even during weekdays. Quite spaciois Unsure what, but even with the crowded venue, this place still feel quite comfy. Service was good

Common Man Fluffy pancakes ($21))--contrary to its name, it is more of a cake than pancake, and more dense than fluffy. The walnuts, pb, coulis kinda helps. Although not bad, was not delicious either 3.75/5

This coffee was recommended when I asked for sthg not too acidic. At $12, it was the most expensive coffee I have ever ordered. But I couldn't find anything special about it. Disappointed by the no-pets sign outside. Cafe not very crowded at 4+pm.

I was very attracted by the label 'organic eggs'. And indeed the yolk was a delightful bright orange. But one of the eggs was a hard boiled egg. I was aghast. How can eggs Ben not have runny yolk? So I asked the server. She immediately went to get a replacement egg for me. When it came in a small bowl, there were 2 eggs covered in hollandaise sauce. I was touched. Such sincerity to make up for a small mistake. I gave hubby the hard boiled egg 😬 and carefully broke e eggs over my stewed beef and toast. Beautiful rivers of orange flowed. Perfection.

Came on a weekday morning for breakfast and it is unexpectedly popular. Took fluffy pancake ($21) and organic egg benedict ($25) for sharing but we found the portion is too much for two of us! The pancake is nice, not as fluffy as japanese one, but still goes well with the caramelized nuts and jams provided. The egg benedict is one of the better one i had recently and i like the toast provided. Overall a nice experience, just comparatively more pricey than usual cafes.

Organic eggs Benedict with braised ox cheeks ($24++) and Common Man full breakfast ($26++)

Very hearty big breakfast at $27 with a good cup of coffee, will cost you $35 incl gst. Not cheap but my stomach is not complaining. It is a good way to start a Friday. Will come back again.

The never-ending stream of customers on weekends is a testament to how popular Common Man Common Roasters is. Situtated on Martin Road, the cafe is fairly inaccessible from any MRT station, so it's best to have your friends convene at Dhoby Ghaut to share a cab here (it costs around $4.50). Our recommendations centre on their timeless classics. Go for the Turkish Common Man Breakfast ($25) — phyllo-wrapped soft boiled eggs that reveal golden molten centres, served on a bed of velvety hummus. Olives and beautifully breaded and fried feta add a good salty punch, while cucumbers and tomatoes keep it fresh. Get your hands dirty and grab the pita to mop up the glorious mess! Otherwise, you won't go wrong with the Organic Eggs Benedict ($24, opt for sourdough) that comes with two poached eggs stacked atop unbelievably tender braised ox cheeks and drizzled with chive hollandaise. End your meal with the Fluffy Brioche French Toast ($18) — two slices of super eggy brioche served with Kapiti ice cream and berries compote — so simple yet so worth its steep price. We prefer filter over espresso-based coffee here (from $4.50) — just ask the friendly baristas for recommendations!
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burppler May L

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