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Cafe At Hotel Small little shop. The food is passable, not too great. Ordered the beef rice bowl and shrimp rice bowl which came up to $30. Not too bad, but given it's inaccessibility and average food, probably won't return.
Jia Yi
For Muslim-owned Grain Bowls and More Tucked within the newly opened boutique hotel, The Daulat, this Muslim-owned cafe is run by the guys behind Working Title, Afterwit and The Mad Sailors. Santap, which means to eat luxuriously in Malay, serves hearty grain bowls, sandwiches and pizzas. Indoor seating is limited to a communal table, so it's best to dress comfortably and sit alfresco on a cool day. Go for the Beef Rice Bowl ($15) that comes with cherry tomatoes, a poached egg and red onions set atop a bed of cauliflower and brown rice mix. It's topped with alfalfa sprouts, red daikon and drizzled with a housemade tonkatsu sauce. Otherwise, you won't go wrong with the Aubergine Pizza ($13), topped with feta cheese, okra and curry mayonnaise. Pro tip: During Ramadan, Santap opens only from 5pm on weekdays, and on offer is a $15 set meal for any main and a drink. Avg Price: $20 per person Photo by Burppler Hilary See
Aubergine Pizza Decided to go against what the recommended pizza was (Salmon, just in case you were wondering), and was pleasantly surprised by this thin-crusted Aubergine pizza. The tomato-based pizza is slathered with a curry mayo, topped with thin slices of aubergine and okra and a generous shower of soon-to-be-gooey cheddar cheese. Definitely wasn't expecting this to be as cheesy but hey, no complains from me! #Burpproved
Beef Rice Bowl [Halal] If you're looking for a cozy outdoor café to sit down and enjoy a bowl of rice with plenty of fresh veggies and herbs, then Santap and its Iftar Set (Rice Bowl + Drink, $15) might just be right up your alley. It is the brainchild of the people behind places like Afterwit, Mad Sailors and Working Title, and sees its menu adopting a healthy-and-clean-eating slant. To execute that, they've thrown in numerous fresh ingredients (plus a poached egg and a papadum) into the mixing bowl. What could go wrong with such an acceptable-sounding method? Not much, I guess, except for one - the over-reliance on it to produce a significant output in terms of taste. Personally, I feel that this was the misstep. Don't get me wrong - I do think the Beef Rice Bowl has its merits. It makes for an aptly light meal for iftar, which paces very well with, what I'd like to call, the Ramadhan appetite. It was filling, but not to the point where you'd start feeling bloated and uncomfortable. The poached egg is also worth a mention - it was really well-made, with a firm, yet delicate egg white and a viscous yolk that oozes out with a pizzaz like Bruno Mars's. However, it fell short because of how painfully average it is. Not sure if it was bland or that I was finding for just something to trigger the "wow this is good" gun in my head, but I kept feeling like I was eating it mindlessly. It is because of that very thing that I honestly believe it lacked sophistication or an element of surprise. So while I do feel that Santap has an admirable concept, I think their Beef Rice Bowl leaves more to be desired. But hey, nothing a little bit of tweaking to the recipe can't fix right? Otherwise, they have other choices on the menu which probably trump this and are thus, worth a try. (6.8/10)
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12-hour low temperature braising lamb in spicy tomato reduction and dressed with glazed raisins and Israeli pearl couscous. The lamb meat is off the bones and is extremely tender 😋. Rest assure the district smell when eating lamb is minimized with the spicy tomato reduction. Good food, good service at a reasonable price located in the East of Singapore. It is 100% Muslim-owned, everyone is welcome. More reviews coming soon! . Lamb Harissa at S$18 . Where to dine? Brothers in Fine Food West Community Club, 3, 5 Tampines Ave 3, #02-07, 529705
Brothers In Fine Food Brothers in Fine food is situated on the second floor of Tampines West Community Centre. The interior is small and cozy. It is a halal cafe without any gst or service charge. Tried the following items: Peach Iced Tea ($6.50) Thai Milk Tea ($6.50) The Peach Iced Tea was served with slices of peaches in it. Had the Thai Milk Tea ice blended. It was fragrant without being overly sweet. Kelantan Roasted Chicken ($16) Half a chicken, sous vide and roasted, Kelantan perchik spicy coconut cream glaze. The sauce was so good and matched well with the tender chicken. Beef Steak ($15) Sous vide, served with beetroot thyme purée. Love how the steak was marinated, the slices were tender and juicy. The beetroot thyme purée was a perfect match and brought out the sweetness of the steak. Strawberry Shortcake ($8.50) The Strawberry Shortcake was served in a very big slice. It was dense and tasty.
Brothers in Fine Food 1 Jul'17, Sat Brothers in Fine Food... - Thai Milk Tea Cake🍰 - Latte☕️
Brothers in Fine food. Only managed to order this Red Velvet Hot Chocolate cos kitchen closed to prepare for dinner. I don't understand WTS is wrong with these kind of cafes. I don't see other places rejecting food orders also. FYI there's like only 3-4 people around when i was there seated at 1 table. No obvious taste of red velvet in this hot chocolate but the pinkish tone does make the drink pretty instagrammable. <3⠀
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Very Filling Hot Army Stew All the common ingredients you would expect in an army stew. $45.90 for 2 pax.
Jia Yi
Halal Korean Food The galbi(beef) was tender and rich in flavour just by itself since it was marinated beforehand. Chicken Ramyeon is spicy but super tasty and the bulgogi chicken with rice will be nice if you mix everything up and eat it with the side side dishes. Worth the try for first timer! Everything here cost about $50+ including beverages.
Budae Jjgae (Army Stew) $39 It was a cold and rainy day so we decided to try : Ham & Sausage Ramen in Hot Pot !! omg... the portion is so huge and worth sharing maybe for 2 or even 3. The kimchi stew was juz amazing!! Thanks to the lady manager, we got a free topup of the stew (coz it was so good that our stew was almost empty)... or was it suppose to be free? (not sure) (ᵔᴥᵔ) Worth trying guys!! Will definitely come back for more!!
Budae Jiggae For $39 bucks, this Budae Jiggae was good for 2-3 pax. Broth was tasty and worth it with a generous mix of chicken and veg. It wasn't spicy at all. The mushroom Japchae($8) we ordered was just meh. It was lacking ingredients like mushrooms (it's a mushroom dish), sesame oil and it had a strong raw carroty taste. We decided it tasted better dropped into our army stew. Would be great if they offered free banchan (side dishes) like other Korean places but they don't. One thing that could use serious improvement though is the customer service. We were blantedly ignored by 3 different waiters and waitresses even though the place wasn't busy. We only wanted to call for additional water and these service people saw us waving, but they all decided turned their heads and face another direction. They were idle at that point. Yeah... ummm real friendly. So when we finally got the female waitress to stop to hear us out 15 minutes later when she scooted past, first thing she did was to slot us a receipt. Which came as a surprise too because nobody told us iced water was chargeable and on a non-refillable basis. Water came 10mins later. What a tale lol. We might come again for the variety- food was decent but we think the service could be better. This place would be good for family gatherings or with muslim friends. Aside from the pajeon ($16 pancakes), most of the food seem reasonably priced. We paid about $20/pax.
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Too Good, Even KFC Has To Stand Aside 2nd cheat meal of the week at the long awaited chic-a-boo. The hot and spicy chicken was sooo well marinated i thought i would even choose it over KFC. I guess its the hint of spiciness that's lacking in KFC marination. We were sooooo ganchiong to have our first bites cause it looked so crispy and yummy that we got no time and hands to capture the moment 🤤 anyway here's a AFTER photo with pieces of chicken skin we managed to forego... it was tough decision though... 🤔
Black Pepper Chicken Burger 🍔 This burger is oh sooo big! I didn't expect it to be THAT big! 😱 HAHA. If I only knew, I wouldn't order side dish of potato wedges with it. Too filling for someone who is a small eater (but a frequent eater! 😅). Expectedly, I didn't finish my potato wedges. 😥 The chicken was tender and maintaining its crisp, but I was not impressed with the marination. I felt that the flavour was all coming from the black pepper sauce. Overall, it was a good experience to taste Chic-A-Boo's Burger. I should've tried their fried chicken which they are more known for. 🤔 PS They just opened an outlet last week in City Square Mall which replaced the Astons. 😊 #burpple #simplejoys #chickenburger
Fried Chicken Spicy fried chicken with 2 sides to choose from a number of sides they offer. Best to eat them while hot and I am not the fan of their muffin.
Chic-a-Boo Set 2 ($9.50) One of the more affordable dining options at HillV2, & undeniably one of the better fried chicken joints I’ve tried too. Like KFC, you get to choose between ‘Favourite’ (original) or ‘Hot & Spicy’. Honestly, give up on their favourite & just follow your heart into the flaming option – so well-marinated at every microscopic angle, it’s been so long since I last enjoyed an obese chicken so moist & tender, as if it has reached its full potential. The set also allowed me to choose 2 side dishes out of 11, thumbs up to their cream of chicken & curly fries, next time I’ll give their sweet potato fries a try. Excellent homemade corn muffin too. No complains at all, this good chick place makes me quite happy.
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