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@mr.coconutsg is overhyped so I gave @cocoboss.sg a chance -- especially since it's also on #burpplebeyond ! They offer so many flavours so I took a while to amass this short list but here we go:

Hazelnut ($6.90) 🍹8/10

I thought I'd like the roasted better than this, but the subtle hazelnut flavour won me over. There's something about hazelnut that reminds me of caramel and chocolates, which complemented the creaminess of the coconut shake. Remember to ask for less sugar for this, or your drink might get overly saccharine.

Signature roasted ($6.90) 🍹 7/10

The roasted flavour was rather prominent and left a slow-release toastiness to this drink. However, there was something disturbingly artificial about the aftertaste that I couldn't quite put my finger on...

Salted caramel ($6.90) 🍹 6/10

If this were a normal coconut shake, I would have rated this more highly. However, since it exalted itself as salted caramel, I was expecting more of an elevated butteriness to it's flavour but it didn't come through.

Cookies & cream ($6.90) 🍹 5/10

I could barely taste any cookies and cream in this shake. To my dismay, I could only taste some stale cookie taste after I had let this drink sit for too long. Letdown!

To those staying in the West, @cocoboss.sg has recently opened their 5th outlet at @lequestmallofficial! Now you can enjoy their coconut shakes with a wide variety of flavours to choose from, including their OG Coconut Shake ($5.80), Salted Caramel Coconut Shake ($6.90), Avocado and more!

I decided to give their Cookies and Cream Coconut Shake ($6.90, +$1 to upsize) a try, and I loved the strong Coconut taste, which was really fragrant and extremely refreshing for a hot day!

You can choose your crunch (Coconut Meat) to be in Bits, or Chunky for larger coconut bits! I opted for the Chunky, and the mini bits added good texture to the drink which made it even more enjoyable.

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