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From the Burpple community

Char Siew Cheong Fun is the classic combination and their best-seller. The silky smooth Cheong Fun is rather thin, springy and melt right in your mouth. You can taste its savoury sweet flavour of their Char Siew as they are seasoned well. The Hong Kong style sauce was made from a right mixture of dark and light soy sauce with sesame oil to make it slightly sweet and not too salty. Absolutely delicious if you complement it with their savoury chilli sauce.


Tried their Braised Duck Rice set for $4.50 and find it reasonable in view of the generous portion of Duck Meat, Tofu, Salted Vege and Egg. A savoury sauce was added to both the ingredients and Yam Rice to intensify the taste. Duck meat was tender, moist and fatty while the yam rice was fluffy and fragrant. The soup served was prepared for their kway chap and you can smell the aromatic herbal flavour. Don’t miss out on their sambal chilli as they are super delicious. Overall, a perfect combination of sweetness, saltiness and aromatic.


The gravy of the Mee Rebus was thick and very aromatic as you can smell the different types of spicies used. You can tasted the sweetness of the sweet potatoes and spiciness of the lemongrass, ginger and chilli right after the first mouth. Ingredients include Yellow noodles, Sprouts, Tofu, Egg, Green chilli and more. They even squeezed in a lime for you to enhance the taste. Absolutely yummy!


From Hock Thye Noodle
Spinach based egg noodles.
Tasty as it looked.

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Not bad thanks to the fresh tasting pork lard oil, and just nice portion. Bowl comes with fishballs, pork slices, fish cake. Rare to find pork slices in meepok these day. The stall, which also sells fish slice soup, is manned by a husband and wife team and their two sons also help out these days.

From Aishah Lee Muslim Food Stall.
Tasty plate of Nasi Lemak with signature crispy deep fried chicken wing, fish cake & savoury sotong only for $6.
Fluffy rice combining the classic chilli sauce.

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