133 New Bridge Road
#01-40 ChinaTown Point
Singapore 059413

10:00am - 10:00pm

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10:00am - 10:00pm

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I'm so not over minions yet! This creamy banana ice cream bar covered with a thin coat of chocolate is despicably priced at $0.80, putting the Big M fast food chain to shame. 😄

We bought mnd a variety of cakes on their special day- mango, crispy chocolate cake, rare blueberry cheesecake , cheesecake soufflé and chocolate gateau (our fav!)

Chateraise is easily becoming my to go place for affordable sweet treats, especially after a fiery Mala Xiang Guo meal at Ri Ri Hong in Chinatown! I’ve been hooked onto kinako (soybean powder) flavours ever since my trip to Korea, so I was obviously excited to have found this at just $1.50. Hidden under that layer of soybean powder is sweet brown syrup and milky ice cream. It can get a little dry on the top so just make sure you dig your spoonfuls all the way through to get full mouths of that sweet nutty goodness. So worth it for its price!

Châteraisé has this Double Fantasy Cream Puffs (S$1.90) that features two fillings in a big pau sized cream puff -- Hokkaido cream and vanilla custard / matcha / chocolate.

While the fillings may not be as distinctly layered as shown on advertisements, the cream puff has got a pretty thin wall enveloping the fillings. Every mouthful does remind you that you are eating desserts (and possibly cream fats too), but yet the sweetness was managed just nice.

Even though the cream puffs are individually packed, they have a very short shelf life, so don't think of stocking this up even if you like its flavour and texture like I do.

I can't help but always indulge in ice cream whenever I pass by Chateraisé. Who can resist not getting their hands on one of these babies that are tagged at only $1.20?! After the successful Pureté Uji Matcha, they now introduced Pureté Salted Caramel ice cream. The flavours were unexpectedly dense for its price 👍. Time to stock up the ice cream section in my fridge~~ 😄

It's hard not to walk past Chateraise and simply ignoring it after knowing that they have crazily good yet cheap ice-creams. This only costs $1.20 — the exterior Kuromitsu adds a bit of sweetness to the nutty flavours of Kinako powder while fused with milk flavored ice-cream that has chewy Mochi pieces inside. So cheap and so good, I wouldn't mind having two ... even at one go!

$1.90 MATCHA CHOUX. Yes, not kidding you. You can own this with a humble purple note. And no, don't expect some intense bittersweet matcha creme at that price, but you can be sure of a slight and creamy filling packed in a soft buttery puff. The green tea flavour came in super subtle hints, I'm guessing the original flavour might work better. Nevertheless, this is always worth a try!

Saw a queue for these Japanese sweets and decided to just grab a few cream puffs and rolls to go since they're affordably priced at $1.90. The Double Fantasy is filled with fresh milky cream and rich custard within that is so light and smooth. The puff pastry was also very fragrant that completed the entire Double Fantasy experience.

At only $1.50/pop, this Matcha Wafer Ice Cream comes at a really really great value! Don't expect intense matcha flavours, but it does have a pleasant blend of creaminess and hint of matcha, alongside a playful spread of red bean.

The outer layers were soft, airy & light; the kind that melts as soon as it senses the temperature of the tongue!! The cream was Sugoi!! 😍 creamy & custardy, tho a lil on the sweeter side; still better than the cream of some soft serves if I may say so myself!

They named this "legendary", and it's a fact that Japanese cakes are uber light is real. My expectations are here.. does this live up to its name?
Sponge is really soft, cream is rich yet light, and strawberries are sweet, not sour. It's no wonder, you know they're really serious about it when the ingredients, including the water, are imported from Japan.
It's good, and priced similar to cakes from dessert and coffee chains.

I have a liking for anything that has Kinako, and everybody who have had Kinako before would probably know that it works best with brown syrup. There is a similar flavour of an ice-cream on a stick that is served at Ichiban Bento outlets in a separate freezer only containing ice-cream which even has a chewy Mochi in it which I absolutely love, but this is the one to go for if you are on a budget. Only costing $1.50 a cup, you get a smooth and light milk-flavoured ice-cream topped with thick and sweet brown sugar syrup atop and a generous sprinkling of Kinako powder over it — it's like having the Mochi but in a form of an ice-cream with a milkier touch; very very delicious and hard not to miss given its super affordable price tag. Be careful on your first spoon in though; be gentle when you pull out the spoon from the ice-cream cup as the Kinako powder might start flying out of the cup! (Oh yes; the auntie at the store was also telling me that this seems to be the best-seller for cup ice-creams; she hasn't tried it before but is very tempted to try it one day!)

Chateraise has stolen my heart recently with their crazy, affordable ice creams! 😍 Can't resist dropping my and getting myself a cold one everytime I'm in the area now!

The taiyaki which was filled with matcha and azuki was good but unfortunately the biscuit part of it was soggy. A trend that unfortunately plagues their packeted cone ice creams too. 😰 (just stick to their ice creams on sticks or in the cups – my fav being the kinako flavour!) 😋

This two-in-one half strawberry and half chocolate cake is the one you should go for at Chateraise. At first glance, the Half and Half Decoration Cake ($40) looks like a run-of-the-mill strawberry shortcake, but it only takes a bite to realize it is so much more. Unlike other shortcakes where the cream is denser, this cake is immensely light with a foamy, melt-in-your-mouth fresh cream, making it easy to shovel your way through one, or maybe even two slices on your own. if you're looking for a single serving cake that will bring a smile to a birthday girl's face, get the Cute Bear ($4.70) instead. It's a really, really cute dome-shaped chocolate cake that has layers of chocolate cream, crispy wafers and chocolate bits that will illicit that resounding — awww!
*No pre-order necessary for whole cakes
Photo by Burppler Raine Liu

This matcha is really matcha! Bitter yet satisfying on a hot day, definitely for hardcore matcha lovers, and its cheap?!

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