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Recommended lists of Desserts in Holland Village
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Top 10 places for Desserts

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Mint Condition  $14

mint & chunky chocolate shake: gooey choc fudge sauce, mint milk crumb, mint choc semifreddo & choc cookie sandwich

Shadow game strong, Açaí to make you even stronger!

Project Açaí's meduim bowl made with frozen açaí berry puree with assorted fruits toppings, chia seeds, goji berries, raw cacao nibs, coconut shavings and bee pollen. High in powerful antioxidants and Omega 3, 6 and 9. A guilt-free treat or meal alternative in a supercharged bowl!
Thank you @shawnyeo.90 for recommending! [Project Açaí
Holland Village
27 Lorong Liput
Singapore 277738]

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Yes indeed.

And hello Monday! Everyone have an awesome week y'all~ 💪🏻 #sgfood #earlgrey #icecream #waffle #burpple

40/60 burger
40% fat/60% meat, the works and home made bacon Jam.

I really loved the bacon jam that gives the dish a smoky sweetness.
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Fuwa-Fuwa Soufflé With Beef Stew Doria ($17)

I've walked past Hoshino's display window of plastic food sampuru multiple times and have long wanted to try this magnificent soufflé.

It was a delightful sight to behold. It is quite sizeable and the smell of toasted cheese rises from the wobbly egg cloud. The fluffy egg itself is nice - but after working your way through about a third of the egg and cheese, it gets pretty salty and kinda jelak. Beneath the egg cheese soufflé, is a rice and beef stew mixture. Again, quite nice but a bit sickening after a while - you'd probably want to share this.

I'd say this was still worth the try but, I might not be in a hurry to order it again though. Maybe I'll try the plain one.

Pancake Soufflé Style - Single ($9.80)

We weren't that hungry so, we only got the single pancake. Half way through it we realised that it would've been so much more worth it to have gotten the double for $12. 😒 Oh well.

Though quite thick, these pancakes were light, fluffy and delicious! Paired with maple syrup this makes a great breakfast, snack, or supper order!


Matcha Soufflé ($10.80)

The soufflé cap had decent height to it and the texture inside was airy, smooth and melted in your mouth.

It was a bit confusing biting into it because the matcha flavour was very subtle (other than the dusting of matcha powder on the surface) and it had a saltiness to it that was quite unexpected. Was not very sure what to think of it, really.

I think I need to try another flavour!

| 🍦
It is Sunday Folks、
Right at Sunday Folks。 ...

Fresh Baked Waffles
Petite with Ice Cream +1 topping - $10
Crispy and fragrant Belgian waffle, drizzled with maple syrup and hazelnut sauce. Smooth Hazelnut Milk Chocolate was a pleasure. Added Sea Salt Chocolate Honeycomb for additional texture
Sunday Folks