Recommended lists for Cafes & Coffee

Recommended lists of Cafes & Coffee in Kuala Lumpur
Best Cafes in KL
Burpple Guides, Cafes & Coffee Best Cafes in KL A year on, we revisit the city's ever-growing horde of cafes to uncover KL's best! These are places equipped with a prowess for tasty food, well-made coffee and good vibes. Whether you're looking for a place to spend sleepy mornings fuelling up, to convene with a business partner over brunch or indulge in waffles with friends, celebrate the new year with this new list of flourishing cafes!
TTDI's Best: Cafes
Burpple Guides, Cafes & Coffee TTDI's Best: Cafes As the cafe scene thrives in KL, neighbourly TTDI catches on with cafes burgeoning in every nook and cranny! In this guide, we uncover the best places to have an Aussie-style nightcap, eat dainty 'Instagrammable' pastries and fuel up for the morning with hearty scrambled eggs on toast. Hop on!
New Restaurants, Cafes And Bars in KL: November 2015
Japanese, Cafes & Coffee, Desserts, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes And Bars in KL: November 2015 MORE Shibuya honey toasts are here this month alongside cheap and good lunches, a new ramen place serving you the most tender kakuni in town, and more!
16 Best Cafés In KL
Burpple Guides, Cafes & Coffee 16 Best Cafés In KL Already completed your cafe-hopping adventures in Singapore? Now, we venture further to bring you the best cafes in Kuala Lumpur's bustling cafe scene!

Top 10 Places for Cafes & Coffee

Top 10 places for Cafes & Coffee

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Cafes & Coffee
A rustic cafe along the narrow streets.

Really old shophouse without airconditioning. Think the likes of short wooden stools and rattan chairs. Infront is retail so if one dont look hard enough, you never knew a cafe is right inside.
The affogato with double shot espresso and 2 dollops of ice cream. Back home, most cafes actually gives one dollop. Coffee had a dark roasted chocolaty aftertones with no hint of acidity.
The coffee price is almost on par with those back home. My Malaccan coffee moments with fave close foodie friends.

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Taking a break...

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Big Breakfast

I underestimated the appearance of this particular dish as it looks simple. However, it's surprisingly quite tasty and I have nothing to complain after. Don't judge the food by its cover :) This breakfast dish allow you to add on any coffee/chocolate with only the additional price of RM 5.
Price: RM 9.90


Signature S'Mocha with marshmallows on the top. The coffee tasted average. However, considering the price, they are generous with the coffee. Overall, it's worth trying something new.
Price: RM 11

Taro Ice Ball And Cute Panda🐼

Everything is just so good and not too pricy.Its nice and peaceful place.They also provide some magazine and some cute little thing to decorate your picture. I would definitely like to go again💕

Yolking Ever After

Guess what i ate for lunch today. Ever crave for a pork burger but you're in sunway pyramid? I got you covered. Located in the marakesh area, tulip by that latte place serves an array of pork dishes. Their lunch sets are pretty awesome too. A selection of pork burger + piccolo latte =RM18 ONLY. The flavour of the patty was good however I was quite disappointed by the bread as it was too hard for my liking. Portion is pretty decent for the price and I will definitely be hitting this place up more often for lunch.

Vegetarian Standard Thali Set

The standard thali set come with 3 veg, 2dahl, brown rice, papadham and salad.

Perfectly complete the meal with a smooth marsala tea

Fish & Chips

If you are thinking where to chill in Muar, Gene might be one of a good place for you to chit chat with your gang here. They just located beside the main road in town. Was having 'the best cafe in town' rating from the internet so came to have a look and quite numbers of people are having beer instead of coffee here. Their fish and chips (RM18.50) is serving with big portion, with fries, salads and mayonnaise. The best thing is when you can avoid having a dried up fish and chips. Their fish is very well cooked, crispy outside and juicy inside. But their fries are very small in term of sizes, exactly like those you can get it from the bazaar. Golden nuggets (RM6.40) came with 6 pcs if not mistaken. Quite normal in terms of taste. Vibes are good. Ground floor is more like a cafe but upstair is more like a pub. Will be getting crowded after 8pm.

Empire Salad

Somehow the salad is quite unique to me as they are serving smoked duck meat with green vegetables, corns and also cornflakes. Yes it is. Cornflakes. But you actually have to pour the whole sauce and mix well with the vege so you won't have a feeling like you are eating some raw vegetables. Their smoked duck in terms of texture, reminds me of eating sausage. Very chewy and the sauce is perfectly blend with the smoked duck, with pricing of RM11.40

When life gives you lemon 🍋grass🌿, make lemon grass white tea.

Served in a insta-worthy barrel, this cooling and refreshing tea has a lemony fragrance that will perk you up for the day. The pleasant citrusy taste is like a reminder of bright and cheerful days.

Local Coffee

Elephant Bean is well known place around Muar as their coffee bean is locally grown around the neighbourhood. It's one of the local brand that's actually sell only around Muar (info from locals). The aroma taste of the coffee is very good compare to those local coffee brands, even better than some cafes in town. Their elephant bean coffee (hot for RM3.90 and cold for RM4.30) is better to drink before it gets cold. In the cafe, they mainly serving local food like Nasi Lemak with choices of chicken (RM8.90). Was ordered nasi lemak with chicken rendang and the taste is very authentic and spicy. Although the portion is quite small but the chicken rendang is very well-cooked. Try to avoid visit this during 12-1 cause it will fully occupied with people.

Bread and Butter RM15 (comes with 1 type of butter)

Craving for one of life’s greatest pleasures? Now’s a good time to make your way down to Jalan Batai and scoff down Yellow Brick Road’s rye and sourdough bread smeared in heavenly butter, now studded with either Truffle, Garlic & Olive, and Seaweed. All made with Lescure butter, no less! Pop in for a few slices, and end up staying for brunch. Their newly added ‘Sober’ Cold Soba tossed in Japanese sesame dressing and served with crispy-salty kale, home-cured salmon and soft boiled egg is a total standout. Park yourself here on a quiet weekday morning and feel your stomach thanking you for an epic brunch. Also, two words; Chai Latte. You're welcome!