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If you're craving a little bit of everything, try out the Mac Cargo plater, for RM60 you get prawns, fries, and popcorn chicken, perfect to pair with any of their alcoholic beverages.

📸 By Burppler John Barry

Pricey but very filling

Truly enjoyed the spice

Delicious deep fried chickpeas served with hummus and a creamy sauce and mix veggies salad

Come down to this store if you want a hearty Mexican and Turkish meal at the same time


Absolutely not worth it for the price, the shrimp was coated in a thick layer of cheese which actually takes away from the taste from the already well seasoned shrimp.

My advice to them is that they should instead make a creamy layer of garlic butter and a little bit of cheese instead.

Mojito + grape juice, a little too pricey for the quality

For some reason the Connors here is a little rusty and "burnt"

Must be the new compressor, this is the best tasting pint of carlsbers I've ever tatset (I hate Carlsberg)