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The skin is flaky but not crispy at all. Very thick too. Char siew is basically a sauce, there's a mild unique flavour to it but texturally cmi, way too dry overall

It is quite similar to bakkwa in marination but texture wise it's okay only. Reasonably tender for a lean cut but not much crisp

Plus there's many outlets, with this standard there's no reason to come all the way here

The curry was more on the watery side with an overdose of coconut milk which made the entire bowl difficult to eat. Noodles were alright, chicken was tender and char siew was goood!


The thin noodles were springy and did not have the alkaline taste at all. Although the meat pieces were relatively small, but they were a lil generous with the portion. Char Siew was good but the roasted pork belly could be better!

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I'm sure many of you will be heading to JB for day trips 😆!
Here's a kampung chicken rice stall you can try near Taman Sentosa that serves delicious char Siew and Ngoh Hiang too !
This serves about 4 Pax at 63rm! 🙋‍♂️👍😍

I am someone who prefers "siew yoke" (roast pork) over "char siew" any day. However, the "char siew" at this Johor joint does leave quite an impression on me. Tender and deeply marinated in a dark sauce that's not overly sweet, it carries a smoky aroma from the charcoal grilling. I actually think it tastes very much like extremely juicy "bak kwa". The fatty pieces were my favourite of course. Pictured above is a small mixed plate for 2 pax (RM15).

Restoran Nasi Ayam Kang Bee Hong
527A Jalan Persisiran Perling 1
Taman Perling, 81200 Johor Bahru
Tel: 07-244-6429


The lady boss Mrs Kang shared that they first blanch the chicken, air dry, roast the chicken over charcoal before deep-frying the chicken to crisp the skin.

Read more: http://www.misstamchiak.com/yuen-kee-chicken-rice-johor/