Award-winning Peranakan restaurant, Candlenut, serves up contemporary Peranakan cuisine that preserves the essence and complexities of traditional food, with astute twists that lift the often rich dishes to a different level.

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Going in with zero expectations, Candlenut’s signature dessert could possibly be a hit-or-miss with many saying that it requires an acquired taste due to the faint aftertaste of buah keluak. But luckily for me, the gentle earthiness certainly added to the appeal of this sweet yet modern spin.

An overall stunning and intriguing combination, the dark scoop of Buah Keluak ice cream takes center-stage with its distinct bitter and slight sour notes. Married with a good dose of 80% Valrhona chocolate, the creamy creation also had an exceptionally luxe and decadent mouthfeel. And together with the smooth bittersweet ice cream expect a great interplay of textures, temperature as well as flavours highlighting the different elements - the bed of salted caramel, chocolate crumble, poprocks and chilli specks.

So a dessert to savour slowly, the persistent fizzle and the warm blanket of chocolate espuma sealed the deal for me.

$30 on the ala carte menu for lunch or dinner. A must order in my opinion!!!

The crab meat is fresh and delicate and the rich curry made with tumeric, ginger and kaffir lime is aromatic, rich and absolutely delicious with white rice. Very very yummy 😋
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A spontaneous decision by my mom to have Peranakan for New Year's Eve got me scurrying to secure a lunch reservation at Candlenut, a place I have been meaning to visit. And while the reviews were mixed, I had a grand experience with my parents at theOne-Michelin-starred restaurant though keeping mind of the price and dainty portions.

Off to a great start, the Charcoal Grilled Kurobuta Pork Neck Satays ($16 /4 skewers) lightly sprinkled with chilli powder were simply mouthwatering! Plump, juicy, flavourful and ever so springy; the quality meat might perhaps be a little strong (“porky”) by itself but well-marinated with spices and glaze of kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), the tender skewers were bursting with savouriness and a wondrous hint of smokiness as I sank my teeth in. Furthermore lending a gorgeous caramelised flavour, the glaze also brought out the sweetness of the char-grilled pork making it a lovely prelude to my meal.

Was not very sure what to order so ask for advice from the waiter. At the end, we took the recommendation and ordered a few signature dishes from here! The most impressive one is surely the tiger prawn with gula melaka sauce. The sauce is sweet and strong in coconut flavour, it goes very well with rice. The prawn is fresh and goes well with the sauce too. Love the Chendol that we ordered at the end of the meal too which is a twist of the usual one. Overall, it is a satisfying meal and recommend for anyone who would like to have a first try of peranakan dishes.

Roast Pork 🐖belly | very yummy crabmeat🦀 soup | buah keluak | and then there's buah keluak + valhrona 🍫ice cream | banana 🍌caramel pudding | and finally durian ice cream in durian purée! Love these double whammy flavours, just like tau huey in tau huey zui😋😋😋

You can tell Peranakan restaurant Candlenut thinks things through. They take into consideration not all customers are willing to dirty their fingers by handling the "buah keluak" nut, regardless of how delicious the dish is. So they actually scoop out the nut flesh and mould it into an elegant form that mimics the actual nut. This is then placed on a lime leaf balanced on the pile of chicken pieces for ease in eating.
However, do not mistake this as a cop-out in any way when it comes to flavour. There is incredible richness in the thick gravy due to the very generous amount of "rempah" and "buah keluak" used. I also like that the pair of drumsticks and two pieces of thigh meat in the serving were completely saturated from being stewed in the gravy.
This classic is done really well here in my opinion - it can almost rival my mum's 😜

A quartet of juicy, well-marinated chicken satay was what my friend Lynn and I chose to begin our long-overdue lunch with. We couldn't be more pleased with how good these turned out to be. Smoky from the charcoal grill, the skewers of whole chunks of tender yet fat-free meat were made even more irresistible dunked in the thick peanut gravy that's punctuated with the brightness of puréed pineapple.

This astonishing dessert comprises of two scrumptious parts and one very accurately-calibrated element of unexpectedness.
The former two are the soft and fluffy steamed banana cake with caramel sauce, and the spectacular gula melaka ice-cream (seriously, I would break into Candlenut's freezer for it! ). But for me, what pushed this dessert up a couple of notches to extra special-dom was the sharp tang from the zingy banana lime compote.
I am pretty sure even the most hyper-critical matriarchs of any traditional Peranakan family will give this a nod of approval.

Not the traditional ingredients but an interesting reinvention of the classic dish.

The dry curry 1824 grain-fed beef bone-in short rib is another recommendation from the staff and definitely made for meat lovers with that huge chunk of meat. But fret not, the meat was wonderfully fork tender and can be easily pulled apart. The curry is full of rempah flavor and probably a whole lot of other spices that are beautifully blended together to create a grainy yet smooth curry that is nutty and flavorful.

You must order this when you dine at Candlenut — firm and sweet chunks of blue swimmer crabmeat in a sea of yellow aromatic curry filled with tangy notes that will definitely whet your appetite. Best enjoyed with a plate of white rice!

I've heard that you can either love or hate the taste of buah keluak. This black nut is an iconic Peranakan ingredient that is commonly used with chicken. This was my first time attempting a full buah keluak dish and I really loved it! The depth of the flavor and how I didn't get sick of it is an indication of how much I liked it! There were 2 rather fat chicken legs and 2 thigh meat in the dish that were very tender — and remember to drench a generous amount of sauce over it!

YAY to the ala carte menu back on Candlenut's dinner menu and this Wild Caught Baby Assam Squid was a recommendation from the staff (thank you for your wonderful service!) which wow-ed our tastebuds. The sweet and sour tamarind greeted us in a long and smooth manner, made more wholesome with the squid ink while we enjoyed the tender squid body fully coated with the sauce and topped with fried shallots.

A stick of this on the tasting menu was blatantly insufficient; hence an order of 4 sticks more.... (!!!)

Not everyday you get well handled squid ink that was ingeniously appetizing by the enabler: tamarind. I'd sense a tinge of pride when local squid tasted so right and chewy but mainly kudos to the chef handling it in the wok.

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