Caffe Fernet

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  • Come for Happy Hour and enjoy the sunset
  • Lively, classy, yet welcoming and comfortable
  • Gorgeous waterfront spot for dates and good pasta, wine & cocktails
  • Housemade Ricotta, Cacio e Pepe, Spicy Ragatoni, Veal Meatballs

70 Collyer Quay
#01-05 Customs House
Singapore 049232

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05:00pm - 02:00am

05:00pm - 02:00am


05:00pm - 12:00am

05:00pm - 12:00am

05:00pm - 12:00am

05:00pm - 12:00am

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From the Burpple community

Honestly it's very harmonious, idk how much vodka there was but I wouldn't have suspected a thing if you didn't tell me.

Small pieces of sausages and onions were both quite generous, and this dish tastes abit Asian idk why(gochujang to me and chili crab to her). Rigatoni was just a tad hard tho


I mean sure it's not bad, the cheesiness was enough but not too much, and it wasn't overwhelming. But idk why anyone would fork out 30bucks for something with absolutely no ingredients lol. It's not mindblowing anyway

I mean if this is an authentic cacio e Pepe, good for them, it doesn't taste too different from what I imagine anyway. It's literally cheese and black pepper what did you expect?


The ricotta was quite creamy in texture, much better than the ones at supermarkets. However it doesn't have much taste except for a mild milkiness

The truffle shavings are clearly not enough for us to taste anything, but I doubt it's a very good and earthy kind. So what you actually taste is just the cheap truffle paste at the bottom of the ricotta, with the sickly truffle oil aroma. Thank God it's suppressed due to the heaps of ricotta

Toast was brilliant, very crispy on the outside yet still super airy, and holds the thick ricotta well

The flavours made for a light appetiser, but the cheap truffle paste is something I hate. Overall I won't recommend anyway even if you like truffle paste, just not stunning enough to deserve 30++


Caffe Fernet is such a great place to go for chill vibes to hangout with friends/family over good food! @caffefernetsg Their grilled octopus was pretty yummy and great for sharing over a glass of aperol spritz!


We ordered this meaning for it to be a healthy salad dish but it was the unhealthiest of everything we ordered. It’s overly salty and cheesy to the point of being dense and heavy.

My favourite dish of the ones we ordered. The octopus, broccolini and hummus combined beautifully. This may be listed under the small plates section but it was filling and a meal in itself.