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  • Chill vibes along Club St
  • Wood-fire grilled food, great for small groups or dates
  • Ribeye, Lamb Cutlets, Roasted Pork Noodles

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From the Burpple community

My friend ordered a medium rare steak and all she have gotten was a rare steak, the steak was so horrible, the outer layer was way too charred and the inside was rare! Despite the replacement, the outer layer of the steak still remained v charred. Besides that, we even order a glass for sangria each, their house pour wine was soooo bad that sangria was so difficult to swallow and it not longer sweet as it was supposed to taste like!

Come by this cosy spot on Club Street for Aussie inspired wood fired fare cooked in an oven handmade by the owner himself! Order the Pumpkin & Sage Gnocchi ($24) for roasted sumac, baby spinach and homemade pasta, Greek Chicken Souvlakis ($28) for sour-cream tzatziki, avocado chunks, feta, and fresh couscous salad, and Charcoal steak ($36) for fresh avo chimmichurri and charred asparagus potato salad. Complete your meal with wines, cocktails or any of their beers on tap!
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I dropped by a year ago and my mother wouldn’t shut up about the pizza I doggy bagged home. Finally had the time to pop by and I picked up 2 pizzas - to my horrific surprise, they were really badly made - look at the distribution of ingredients, and flat out tasted of nothing. No flavour. Severely lacking salt - the dough was also raw at the bottom. Any pizza chain or frozen pizza would’ve been a much better choice. The mains looks far better and if I go back, I’ll be staying far far away from the pizza


This was in my opinion more edible than the porchetta but the fish didn't taste very fresh though. The bed of pumpkin and couscous did complement the fish well and the waiter was also very friendly. Overall, I feel it is not really worth it even with the burpple deals, you could get tastier food elsewhere.

We got this together with the fish of the week (yellowfin tuna) as part of the deal under burpple beyond. The meat was really tough and the kale was very oily. Personally I have not tried a porchetta before but this was quite tasteless and feels just like a deep fried pork. Highly disappointing😪

Ordered medium but steak came in medium rare. It was still tasty though.
However, together with a side of potato salad and 3 pieces of asparagus, I don't think it was worth $36. Good to try if you have the 1-for-1 deal, but without it, it's not really value for money.

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